1/2″ NPT MID FLOW 2 Stages Coalescing Filter Desiccant Dryer System For Compressed Air Lines, Poly Bowls, Great For Paint Spray And Plasma Cutter

Price: $89.99
(as of May 23,2022 18:26:54 UTC – Details)

STAGE 1: Coalescing Filter Replacement Amazon ASIN B06Y2KXNYG STAGE 2: Dessicant Beads Replacement Amazon ASIN B083C4SLHV >> 1/2″ NPT compressed air moisture filter and desiccant dryer combo unit. also included is a wall mounting bracket and two refills of desiccant beads. This filter / desiccant dryer removes water, debris, oil, and humidity from your compressed air. The air enters through the inlet filter first which has a .01 micron filter element that removes 99.9% of oil vapor particles and debris. This filter has a turn knob valve at the bottom to drain any oil or moisture that is caught. On top of the filter, there is a red service indicator that will rise when the filter element needs to be changed. Connected to the filter is a desiccant bead dryer that removes all water and humidity in the compressed air. Desiccant beads change color from blue to light pink when they are saturated and need to be changed. Both of these filters have have quick release bowls for easy maintenance. Each bowl is clear and has a metal guard that provides easy viewing for contents as well as providing impact protection. Replacement air filter elements are available if needed and are sold separately; depending on how much you use the filter they are typically changed every 6 months. This is a great accessory to have in your air line if you are running paint guns, plasma cutters, sandblasters, and more! Click on the Technical Specs tab for more information. For 3 Stages Filter System Search Amazon ASIN B097QBTGZ7 And 4 Stages Complete Filter System Search Amazon ASIN B093V8SV2H

PLEASE NOTE: 1/2″ NPT MEASURES 0.805″ OUTSIDE THREAD DIAMETER IN INCHES. 1/2″ NPT MID FLOW Industrial Grade Coalescing Filter Plus Desiccant Air Dryer, In-Line Type For Compressed Air Lines, Perfect For Spray Or Plasma Cutter Applications (Poly Bowl)
Manual Drain Unit Has 2.7oz Poly Bowls, Visible Sight, And Is Rated 150 PSI Max Input / Output Pressure
STAGE 1: Coalescing Filter / Oil Removing Filter Removes 99.98% Of Moisture, Oil And Contaminants From Your Compressed Air Lines. Red Indicator Pops Up When Time For Filter Change.
STAGE 2: Desiccant Air Dryer, Dries Out Your Super Clean Air Before Going Downstream To Your Air Tools. Uses 5oz Desiccant Beads In The Bowl. Beads Turn From Blue To Pink When Time To Change. Unit Comes With 2 Bags Desiccant Beads.

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