1/2″ NPT MID FLOW Filter Regulator Coalescing Desiccant Dryer System For Compressed Air Lines, Poly Bowls, Great For Paint Spray And Plasma Cutter (MANUAL DRAIN)

Price: $116.90
(as of Jul 02,2022 14:20:24 UTC – Details)

STAGE 1: Particulate Filter Replacement Amazon ASIN B06Y1RDPHJ. STAGE 2: Coalescing Filter Replacement Amazon ASIN B06Y2KXNYG. STAGE 3: Dessicant Beads Replacement Amazon ASIN B083C4SLHV>> This Filter Regulator With In Line Dryer Is The Most Economical Option For Removing Water, Water Vapor And Oil From Your Compressed Air Lines, Then Drying The Air Before Hitting Your Pneumatic Tools Downstream. ::::Please Note:::: The Absolute Best Way To Separate Water From Your Compressed Air Lines Starts With The Compressed Air Lines Themselves. Always Force Air To Climb Vertically While Pooling Water Is Carried Downwards By Gravity. Usually Into Some Sort Of Drain Or Ball Valve That Is Drained Out Periodically. Compressed Air Dryers Reduce The Quantity Of Water Vapor, Liquid Water, Hydrocarbon, And Hydrocarbon Vapor In Compressed Air. Moisture In Compressed Air Is Harmful. Water Damages A Compressed Air System Several Ways. The Result Is Lower Productivity, Increased Maintenance, And Higher Operating Costs. You Can Minimize The Damage Wet Compressed Air Can Inflict On Your System By Drying It.
PLEASE NOTE: 1/2″ NPT MEASURES 0.850″ OUTSIDE THREAD DIAMETER IN INCHES. 1/2″ NPT, Industrial Rated 3 Stage Combo Water Filter/ Pressure Regulator/ Coalescing Filter/ Desiccant Dryer System, With Wall Mounting Bracket And Internal Float Drain (MANUAL DRAIN) STAGE 1
150 PSI Max Input. This Unit Will Regulator Your Incoming And Outgoing Air Pressure While Removing Moisture Water, Moisture Vapor And Oil From Your Compressed Air Lines, Then Finally Drying Out The Super Clean Air With An In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer
STAGE 1: Water Trap Filter / Pressure Regulator. Equipped With 5 Micron Element To Remove 95% Of The Initial Moisture And Debris From Your Compressed Air Line. Regulator Adjusts Pressure From 7 To 150 PSI. 5oz Poly Bowl With Visible Sight Glass.
STAGE 2: Coalescing Filter Also Known As Oil Removing Filter Armed With A 0.01 Micron Element That Removes 99.98% Of Moisture, Moisture Vapor And Oil That Made Its Way Past Your Stage 1 Filter. 5oz Poly Bowl With Visible Sight Glass. Red Indicator Pops Up When Time For Filter Change.
STAGE 3: Desiccant Air Dryer, Dries Out Your Super Clean Air Before Going Downstream To Your Air Tools. Uses 5oz Desiccant Beads In The Bowl. Beads Turn From Blue To Pink When Time To Change. Unit Comes With 2 Bags Desiccant Beads.

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