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Old will guard Cornwood hopes to use strength to prove yourself
Beijing July 20th, Houston Texas came last season of prevention, and the Range Ranking of the League, therefore, Camisetas de fútbol they spent two lines in the lift season, venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas expecting to improve anti-transmission.

Signing from the free market Safety Wei Tayilan – Mathemian (Tyrannieu) After Aaron Colvin, Texas is also selected to choose safe Wei Justin REID (Justin Reid). Jermaine Kelly. Among them, Cole and team signed a contract of $ 34 million in 4 years, of which 18 million US dollars are guaranteed, and they must be considered as warrants.

Last season, he served as a three corner guard in the Jagua, in the depth lineup, Jalen Ramsey and venta de camisetas de fútbol A.j. Buoye. Cole Hope can prove that there is money worthwhile.

“There is no doubt that people will now talk about my past. This burns my heart, not very good explanation, but I will use action to let everyone wake up.” Cole said.

Cole is a four-round show in 2014, and 25 games were started. In 2017, Camisetas de fútbol he played all 16 games, a total of 45 times, 5 times destroyed.