2 Pairs Arthritis Compression Gloves Warm Winter Fingerless Non Slip Hand Gloves for Men & Women Rheumatoid &Osteoarthritis Provide Arthritic Joint Pain Symptom Relief(M)

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🔥[Product function] Arthritis gloves are designed to apply pressure to the muscles of the hands to relieve pain and stiffness associated with hand arthritis, tendinitis or hand ligaments, improve blood circulation, and promote oxygen flow to the muscles. It combines the firmness and warmth of compression gloves to improve the lives of people with stiff joints, muscle damage, and hand pain.
🔥[Product Features] The palm and fingers are covered with non-slip silicone to increase friction and prevent things from falling out of the hand. The stretched wrist partly covers your carpal tunnel, and gentle compression can help relieve pain. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps hands dry. It provides good muscle support for daily leisure activities. The updated stitching technology in 2020 makes this glove more durable and durable than ever before.
🔥[Open finger design] We have extended the length of the fingers, they will cover the nearest knuckles, so that the fingers are also cared for. The open finger design can reduce the frequency of taking out the gloves in daily work, while ensuring continuous compression and warmth. Easily perform daily tasks, such as using mobile phones, computer typing, driving, cooking, exercising, doing housework, playing, sleeping, etc. Arthritis gloves make your work very convenient.
🔥[Applicable people] Doctors recommend wearing compression gloves for 8 hours a day or at night to get the best pain relief and healing effect. Arthritis gloves are very comfortable and lightweight, allowing you to wear them comfortably throughout the day. You can wear it every day to help you get the support you need. This product is suitable for most women and men, and can be worn by people who do hand work and sports.
🔥[High-quality materials] Made of high-quality cotton and spandex blends, fingerless arthritis gloves are breathable, making you comfortable all day. It can also adjust the temperature, retain therapeutic heat, and relieve joint pain without feeling hot or stuffy.

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