2 PK Artificial Tears Eye Drops for Dry Eyes – Extra Strong Moisturizing Lubricating Eye Drops – Potent Concentration for Fast Acting Dry Eye Relief – 30mL by EzriCare

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HIGHER CONCENTRATION FORMULA (1%) – Our proprietary natural tears formula utilizes a 1% concentration of Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium vs. the industry standard 0.5-0.6% concentration. Compares to the active ingredients in REFRESH, but more potent.
FAST ACTING DRY EYE RELIEF – Choose EzriCare for instant long-lasting relief when you need it any time of the day or night. Our natural tears eye drops feel smooth, cool, and calming as they moisturize dry and irritated eyes without blurring your vision.
SOOTHING MOISTURIZING LUBRICANT – The dry eyes eye drops are smooth and liquid cooling as they enter the eye, without the gunky feeling of other brands that leave your eyelashes wet and stuck together or cause blurry vision. Double factory sealed for your protection.
SMALL CONVENIENT TRAVEL SIZE – Our moisturizing eyedrops come in a convenient twin pack with two small 15mL (0.5 oz) bottles. The smaller bottle size easily fits into your pocket, purse, or backpack for on-the-go travel-ready dry eye relief when you need it.

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