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[Event Review] The second week of the preseason: Cowboy 14-10 overs the ram
Beijing August 19th, the second week of the season, nfl jerseys cheap jerseys the game of cowboy and the ram was held in the Hunlu, and the final cowboy 14-10 defeated the ram.

In the denim, Ezekiel Elliott still did not return, which also gave a rookie to Tony Pollad to express himself. Compared to the first preseason 4 sho 16 yard data, Polad in this game has been significantly improved, 5 mulled 42 yards got 1 shinkpoint. At the same time, the main four-point guards of Dak Prescott also have the superior performance, 5 pass 5 in 64 yards. Recently, there is a rumor in Prescott, www cheapjerseys but at least at least in the field, he is impeccable.

For the ram, the main four-point guard Jaride did not appeared, giving the replacement four-point Weve-Boltz (Bortles) adjusted by Meng Hu, Blake Bortles adjusted. Compared to the poor performance of the first preseason (50 yards 3 in 3 yards, pass the ball rating 59.4), Burtas has progress slightly, 11 passed 7 in 62 yards, get 1 time 7 yard pass to the ball Passing the ball ratings 108.9. After Burtes, the four-point Weight of Brandon Allen 21 was 115 yards in the Brandon Allen 21, but once was clarified, it was flat. Todd Gurley and Malcom Brown were absent in this game, and the rookie ran to Darer Herrell Henderson got an opportunity, although 6 times The rush is only promoted by 16 yards, but it shows a good ball, and the ball will get 38 yards.