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Packaging workers queen won the most valuable player
In the most valuable players who have just announced, Green Bay packaging workers quartz 阿 阿 Rogers defeated Houston Dezhou defensive end-knit JJ Watt, Dallas denim – Murrco Murray, etc., won this honor. This is also the second time in his career and wholesale nfl jerseys from china the most valuable player.

In the final voting, Rogers won 31 votes, Watt 13 tickets second, Murray and Tony Romo have received 2 votes, Seattle Hawkwell Wagbi-Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and New The English Patriot 4 points Tom Brady also received 1 vote. Despite the data perspective, Rogers may not be as good as the first prize in the 2011 season, but Mike McCarthy has repeatedly emphasized during the season, Rogers, Rogers this season, more excellent. This season’s packaging work is slow, but Rogers tells the team back to the formal after the “R-E-L-A-X” that makes everyone impressed. Relying on the strong performance of the last three months, in the end of the regular season, Rogers and packages have been ranked second.

This season, Rogers passed the ball 4381 yards, and won 38 times, just being copied 5 times. He is especially good at home, with 4 games, he once led the team to get 30-3, 45-0, 38-3, 42-0 leading. After getting a big leader, Rogers reserved their performance, which also affected his data to a certain extent. Some experts believe that if Rogers and packages can enter the state as soon as possible in the early season, they are still fully engaged in a large number of leads, and he can complete the 50-time Daren and 5000 yards after the end of the season.

Rogers is self-evident for the value of the packaged workers, which is especially obvious in his injury. This is the game in the second half of the 2013 season, and cheap jerseys for sale this season will explain this. At this stage, Rogers is the best quarter-off, wholesale nfl jerseys from china the perspective of passing the ball, decisive capabilities, and consciousness, no four defense can be compared with him. His role, capabilities, and value are commendation. For packaging, for alliances, he is the most valuable player.

Other major award winners are as follows:

Best Offensive Players: Demarco Murray (Demarco Murray) Dallas Cowboy
Best Defensive Players: JJ-Watt, Houston Texas
Best Offensions New Show: Odell Beckham Jr., cheap New England Patriots jerseys York Giants
Best defensive new show: Aaron Donald, St. Louis Ram
Best Head Coach: Bruce Alian (Bruce Arians, Arizona
Best Reset Player: Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriot
Best Sports Spiritual Award: Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona