AC-L200 AC-L25A Mobile Power Bank USB Charger Cable for Sony Cyber-Shot Camera and Handycam DCR-IP/DVD/HC/SR/PC HDR-HC/UX

Price: $11.99
(as of Oct 25,2021 02:23:33 UTC – Details)

USB Cable Features:
Input:5V 2-4A
Output:8.4V 2A
Conversion efficiency:92% (DC-DC Efficient conversion rate)
USB plug Specifications:USB2.0
length:120cm DC drive cable It works wonderfully:
For Sony AC-L25, AC-L25A  , AC-L25B ,AC-L25C  , AC-L200 , AC-L200B AC-L200C , AC-L200D
For Sony DCR-DVD Series
For Sony DCR-HC Series
For Sony DCR-HE Series
For Sony DCR-PC Series
For Sony DCR-SR Series
For Sony DCR-SX Series
For Sony DCR-TRV Series
For Sony DCR-UX Series
For Sony HDR-CX Series
For Sony HDR-HC Series
For Sony HDR-PJ Series
For Sony HDR-SR Series
For Sony HDR-TG Series
For Sony HDR-UX Series
For Sony HDR-XR Series
① In order to make your camera work better,please use a high-quality mobile power, mobile power bank is output guarantee of at 5V 2A to 4A current. When the power isn’t enough, will not start or can’t shoot properly, Please select a larger current of at least 2.4A, 3A or more is better.
② If the power bank supply has an auto sleep mode, turn it off.
③ Don’t use the computer USB supply for the camera,because most computer USB 2.0 output voltage is 5V,But the current is less than 500mA. Package Includes:
1 x USB drive cable AC-L200

★ High-quality chips,DC-DC converter,high conversion efficiency.Good stability,can output high current,quiescent current is small.
★ Using a wide range,suitable for all 7.2V-8.4V digital camera and video camera, Support part 9 v digital products.
★ Since the camera itself does not support the fast charging function, some USB ports with quick charging function can’t start the quick charging mode of 5V 2.4A-3A, resulting in insufficient power supply. Recommended for normal mode 2.4A, 3A is be better.
★ DC drive cable connected power bank supply for digital cameras, power bank capacity: 8000-30000mAh,equal to the new battery in the camera’s power many times;When you turn on the flash to take pictures or video,to provide uninterrupted power supply.

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