Beyond Broken: Surviving and Thriving Beyond the Death of Your Child

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Julia Sumnicht was an ambitious 21-year- old junior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse when her lofty dreams and life would end abruptly on March 15, 2010. Julia’s mysterious death during her spring break in Miami Beach, Florida, left unanswered questions and her family devastated.

The Sumnicht family would suffer further disappointment when the justice system crushed their hopes of bringing closure to Julia’s death.

In 2014, a nationally recognized investigator would confirm important information about Julia’s death but would leave further disillusionment.

Investigative findings would point circumstantial evidence to two suspects who were with Julia in her last hours. Faced with one challenge after another, Julia’s mother, Marie Sumnicht, would not be deterred in her search for resolution. A soul-searching journey would lead Marie through the depths of despair and toward a place of healing she never thought possible.

Beyond Broken Mission

•To empower bereaved parents and provide a roadmap of life truths.•To guide families through sudden loss from senseless acts of injustice, and give them hope and peace. •To passionately advocate date rape drug prevention and to provide steps for young people to avoid senseless deaths such as Julia’s.

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