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Pittsburgh steel man star runs 卫 勒维 – – Bell return to the team Levian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) returned to Pittsburgh. The steel man runs to Guide himself will return to the team on September 1. He is not disappointing. He returned to the team base on Friday. After passing … Read more

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Titan, Camisetas de fútbol baratas take the outside Hartham Knick
Hakeem Nicks expected to be a newborn in Nashville in Nashville.

Knicks used to take over the league. For venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas the giant 11 season, he won the horses in the 11 season, but his performance fell quickly after the leg injury, only 7 bispies were reached and the season clicks were all thousands. But he is now 27 years old, and it is not impossible to retrieve the peak status.

Knicks will compete with the Titan 2 after KenDall Wright after the team’s fifth year, Camisetas de fútbol Justin Hunter, venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas who is more threatened. Justin Hunter repeatedly The problem of getting off, and another new aid Harry – Douglas (Harry Douglas) has only 6 bolts in the 6-year career.

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On Thursday Night Prospect: Titan @ 美洲
The regular season finally entered the 11th week, this week’s Thursday night game will be carried out between the two weakened tour of Titan and Jacksonville Tiger in the United States of America. This year, the list of drafts will be the first to compete with the exploration of the show last year!

3 wins and 6 losses Jacksonville America Tiger this year’s record is good. Last year’s exploratic show mainly quad-bibbrek & Bull; Bortes played stable this season, although the four branch is only poor 81.0, but the score of 2381 yards has been able to have a shoulder (two data is higher than PM Point & hellip;); although there were 19 times to reach, but there were 11 cases of copying, which also shows that Burtes is a four-point guard in the advantages and disadvantages. This year, the two-round rookie run guard this year, this year, this year, this year, a big surprise this year, I have already won 531 yards in the 8 games, although there is only one reach, but this grade is for a new show. It is quite good. The biggest attack weapon this year is two “Allen” & mdash; Allen & Bull; Robinson and Allen & Bull; Herns, the former won 758 yards and fake oakley sunglasses 7 times, the latter also has 697 yards and 7 times Enter. Although Herns may absence this game because of injury, the two professional bowls are close to the end of Julies & Bull; Thomas will fill the blank of Herns absent, and become another trusted red zone of the American tiger. The two lines of the Jenan Tiger Tel Wen & Bull; Smith and Paul & Bull; Perthus will continue to take all the defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive.

2 wins and 7-negative Tennesi Titan Although there are this year’s gaze, Muro, Mario Tower, but due to lack of more offensive weapons, their performance is still poor. Lot Lodge Mucus & Bull; Maryta although the battle is very large, he has also become struggling due to injuries. But the two games of Titan winning this season, the play of Mario Tower is quite well. The 795 yards of the 7 games has been qualified, and his future is worthy of the alliance. Titan’s pavement offensive means relatively poor, the team’s current main runs to defend Antonio & Bull; Andrews currently only won 298 yards. The team is currently the most trustworthy team, oakley sunglasses outlet online who is near-end Edlanier & Bull; Walker, currently only 508 yards and 3 times. If the league offensive ranks the third Titan wants to take a victory in Jacksonville, then Mario Tower needs to activate all the offensive weapons around you. Otherwise, the tragedy of smart women will be staged again.

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Bill completed the big transaction to take the outside hand Waspers and the angular Weida ratio
Beijing August 12th, Buffalo completed two transactions on Friday morning, completely changed the team’s external walking position.

The team announced that they will pick up the Sammy Watkins and wholesale nfl jerseys the sixth round of the 2018 selection of rights to the Los Angeles ram, in exchange for cheap nfl jerseys EJ Gaines and the second round of 2018 Draft.

Subsequently, they traded the first corner Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagle, cheap jerseys online got an external hand Jordan Matthews and the third round of dictionary of 2018.

“This is not an easy decision,” Bill General Manager Brandon Beane “said. “I told (boss) Terry Pegula last night and (coach) Sean McDermott. This is totally the decision we made together.”

As for Watekins, this is a decisive change for his career. After the first round of the first round, Bill has always hoped that he can meet the expectations. But he has been influenced by injuries, although it does exhibit excellent offensive ability.

After the performance decline last season, Watekins will reunite with the front teammate Robert Woods, and become the top of the ram.

This transaction will allow the second grade of the ram to Jarid Goff, and he is currently the pressure that must be quickly achieved. If Watekins can stay healthy, you can expect him to reappear the performance of more than 2000 yards in the first two seasons.

Watekins has entered the last year of the contract, and Bill has previously refused his fifth year contract option. But we believe that the rushings will continue to renew this year. Speaking of the election, in next year, Chi Bier has 2 first round of draft, 2 rounds of draft, and 2 third round draft.

Matthews will also become the team’s number one after coming to Bill. This comprehensive external connector has been considered to be tradable for a few weeks, but cheap jerseys from china the trading result, the price of Massatus is unexpected.

For the eagle, they already have many olders to take over, but they need helpers in the defensive group. Getting to the performance of the defensive group, but Matthewa has also given the offensive group to make greater pressure.

The transaction in the next season will be concerned, everyone wants to determine who is the biggest winner of this transaction.

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Signation Summary: Eagle and Quad Signal Sign
Beijing May 13, wholesale jerseys US Time Sunday, according to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, the eagle will sign on Monday with the quadrant Kesler (Cody Kessler). Kasler has been played for the United States Tiger and Brown, and 12 games were held in the three seasons. 12 of them were first. He passed the ball completion rate of 64.2%, promoted 2215 yards, reached 8 times, and was copied 9 times. Kasler will compete with Nate Sudfeld, Clayton Thorson and Louis Perez, Competition of Carson Wentz. .

The following is a change in Sunday:

Dolphins signed the Marker Walton, MARK WALTON, Kirk Barron and Corner Jamar Summers. At present, the running guards in the Sea Dolphins include Kenyan Drake, Kalen Ballage, Mailes Gaskin, Kenneth Farrow (Kenneth Farrow) ) And Patrick Laird.

The jet is signed with the three-wheeled Shiji-Perlet (Jachai Polite). At present, they only have no sign from Kunnen Williams and Chama EDOGA.

The lion signs out of the handleng Tom Kennedy and Jordan Smallwood.

American tiger signed offensive front line members Jordan Agasiva, near-end-ended MICHAEL COLUBIALE, close-to-end Agrish, Charles Jones, angular Wiketz-Carri JOCQUEZ KALILI and Safety Sauce Johua Moon.

The red squid Safety Wei Tayer Sigler.

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News: Dezhou people’s first quarter of Swan Tamari
Just a week, it seems that the survival of Brian Hoyer in Houston Texas is coming.

According to NFL internal news, Texas has decided to enable Ryan Mallett in the second week as the first quarter-off.

Hoyell has won the first chance of the performance of the training camp, cheap jerseys but he only completed the 34-passed 18 last Sunday, advanced 236 yards, cheap jerseys from china 1 reached, 1 shot, and 1 copy.

Malit took the time of Hoyell to take a 98 yards in 13 pass 8.

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Run Wende-Gordon looks forward to each year and lightning
Although Melvin Gordon has left the lightning, there is no leaving Mei Lianxi District. In Danfo Yam, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping he will get two chances to meet twice a year.

Gordon said in the radio: “I am very expected, I really expect it.”

Gordon said that he contacted himself with the former teammates, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping which also made him more expectation for the upcoming pair.

“It will be very exciting.” Gordon said, “I will still go out with them, they will spray me with garbage. But only, I will fight back on Sunday.”

But Gordon clarified it, this is not the main reason why he is signing with the wild horse.

“This is not the most important thing.” Gordon said, “I feel that the media is over-rendering.”

“I just feel that the system is very suitable. I used to meet twice a year and wild horses. I probably know how they use Phillip Lindsay, and the wild horses also like to have a rush. I feel that I have a good opportunity. This It is also a very good organization. “

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The big limit is approaching, who will become the final puzzle of winning?
The four major sports fighters are in the United States, the rod enters the highest tide, the basketball and the ice hockey alliance also entered the new season, the football season, quietly came to the season, the wild horse black leopard is like a dream last night . Compared with European football, US professional sports, there is no upgrade system, the small market team is smaller, which has spawned the season of trading in the season.

Why is the NFL team?

Is not this nonsensical? Chinese people pay attention to 啥 啥, qi and blood are not enough to eat pig blood sheep blood, both eyes are not enough to eat fish eyes, kidney deficiency should also eat the two waist and eat. I have a joke with everyone, and I don’t have science, but for professional sports, it is quite effective for my own team defects. It is quite effective. In recent years, there is an important complement in such a season, last season Leopard With a six-round sign from the bear team, the future celebrity Hall of the Hall of Hall Jerend Allen, he helped the black panther to make up the weak side of the weak, the black panther kills the super bowl.

Say the topic of the opening, all the teams all the teams are called: We have to come to the season, we have to take a super bowl. After the season, the team of all walks of clasp began to have a more real goal, the weak team cleared, I thought about selling the stars, we can be a big brightness to make a good margin; strong brigade is blowing, fierce puzzle To add weights to the last trace of playoffs or the crown wish.

American professional sports are like a rumbling passenger plane, tourists are divided into three or sixty-ninety-nine, etc., and the general team is sitting in the economy class. The bad team can only squeeze the goods. The season of trading in the season, in the basketball, baseball, and Ice Hockey Alliance, it is very common, and its supplement is much larger than free nfl jerseys online.

Have you had a quarter-in-day super-prison?

1989 has conducted four weeks. Just use the championship to select Zhong Troy-Akman’s cowboy has experienced four-game, when the cowboy coach Jimmy-Jimmy Jimison is determined to change the team, he called Los Angeles raid Ding Ding’s Jun Er – Davis, asked if he is interested in Michael in the future, Davis is good to remind, “If you trad him, who is the ball for you?” At this time Johnson made a decision and put the star to the shelves. Interested parties to Walker, such as giants, but they are divided into enemies, refused! For example, Falcon, but they are quite a giant contract for Walker, withdrawal! In the end, Brown reached out of the olive branch, they were very sincerely proposed to use a first round and three times to do transactions, cowboy boss Jones Jones and Johnson moved into brains, must pull more teams Blending, in order to extort higher chips, they give Mike Lin En to Viking people, inquiries that they want to get Walker, but also put a pair “there is no such thing in this village” Dexue, Viking is properly hooked, using some of the three first rounds of the next four years to sign three times and a bunch of angles, in exchange for Walker, and some low-round signs of cowboy, involving the sign The number of players reached 18! In the end result, Walker went to the Weijing water and soil, and the cowboy selected a heavy minister with these signs, such as the future celebrities running the AmyTeng-Smith, potential Hall of Safety, Dalen – Woodson and others, established The cowboy that is strong in the 1990s. This transaction is called “History’s Max Trading” and “Minnesota Grassroad”.

Two years ago, the number of people in history, the number of rush, the number of squad, Eric Dixon, is super trading by the Pony, Bill and the Ram, involving the Star Water Weak Niks. – Dennet and other 14, Dixon transferred to the Pony with the ram, and did the unlucky big wave, why did Dixon want to leave the team to help himself success? In the high-efficiency performance in Pony Machi, it has issued people’s doubts. Twelve years a reincarnation, when Ma Shar-Folk was traded to the ram by Xiao Ma, like two elderly people who were deeply loved.

In addition to these supermarkets, there are also many critical transactions that everyone familiar with. In 2006, Sino Ning leads the first super bowl of the Pony to win the career. In fact, many people don’t know, the small horse in the season is the most rotten team in history, Ji Minsini Dunji coach uses a time to rotate from the old Dongjia pirate trading came to giant defensive cut offers Antoni-Mc Flanges strong to stop bleeding. In 2011, the trunks of the 2011 season use a first round sign from the Tiger trades to the old, the old, the old, the fact that the raid person was given another gift, and the Parmer’s career is only in the low tide of the raid. .

In 2012, Ji Belchk only used a four-wheel sign, from the pirate trading, the corner of the corner of the gache, Talib, this famous thorns have met Bellck and Wei in the following career. De-Phillips’s two defenders have grown into the strongest single-channel angle guards in the alliance today. In the 2013 season, Xiao Ma ceremony was determined to copy Eric Dixon’s transaction, using the first round of Brown trading to Trent Richardson, 2012 seasonal elements and explorators Qi Yincheng, this The transaction has completely changed Richardson’s life, and his career parabolboard only has a fall and no turning point until it can’t find a job today.

Why is the free nfl jerseys online‘s seasonal transaction influence is far less than other alliances?

The four major alliances in the United States are similar. Different in the season, the trading of the break, the role of the season in the season is stronger, basically divided into “buyers” and “sellers”, buyers are usually a good team, hope By switching with “Potential stock”, the seller is just the opposite.

Undertake the previous paragraph, from the quality of the transaction, the season’s transaction does appear horrific, but from the quantity, it will happen to dozens of large and small transactions than other alliance deadlines, the NFL season transaction is really Whenever you have a lot, why?

First, the buyer’s doubts, NFL compared to other exercises, a more abstract teamwork, each location is completely served in the system, except for the four-point guard, it is difficult to clearly Say we “lack a piece of puzzle”, which means that many transactions are in the formation, the general manager of the buyer will consider: We are despicable to open a superior condition to other teams to trading their stars, but in fact super stars It is definitely a non-selling, and the ordinary star is not able to enhance our combat power instantly, then why do we still spend so big price high chips to buy? After most managers have this idea, the transaction will immediately fetal death.

Secondly, the cross-cutting deadline of the four major sports alliances has been taken in the regular season. There are more than 160 games in the baseball season. There are about 60 games after the transaction deadline is engaged; basketball and ice hockey have more than 80 games, There are 30 games after the deadline will work together; but only 16 football seasons, only 8 games of the game after the deadline, relative to other projects easier plug, the rugby player needs longer cooperation, so for In the case of the coach, whether the transaction is to overcome the new team’s new system smoothly, this is a great adventure.

Finally, the contract is the contract. Since NFL uses a hard wage system, many teams have filled the wage cap in the opening season. If the trading is coming in the season, then it will inevitably exceed the salary cap, the team salary structure is inevitable To make adjustments, this is a trouble, and many general manager gave up a potential transaction in order to maintain the safety of the team’s salary.

Then, the seller’s doubts, the NFL system and other three sports are different. Baseball basketball ice hockey has their own small alliances. Most players are selected, it is difficult to become “即 战 力”, homogeneration The “Potential stock” is hind in the small alliance. The NFL system is very different. After graduating cheap jerseys from china the young rugby, you must wait in the university for three years before you can participate in the NFL draft. What does this mean? Enough mature! All young people who can go in the high school in the draft conference, must have a very high power, so use the young and power to change the so-called star, only the fool general manager will be so dry, then the “potential in NFL” What is the shares? Selection sign! So the NFL season is transaction, most of them are the fixed mode of the “Star changing show”. This involves the benefit of the seller. In other sports alliances, the potential stocks are usually extremely young fresh meat. We know who is very famous, height, and even let the scarlets to examine their small alliance competition, his The real value has at least a significant outline and frame, but in the NFL’s potential stocks are just a virtual draft sign, such as the empty check is generally difficult to let people feel, the future is indeed coveted three feet, but the top three times Also called the first round, the 32nd line is also called the first round, and the specific signing is unable to the transaction. In addition, it will be a golden generation before the draft, but in fact, the quality of the player is mixed, all of which will make many sellers to cancel the truth of the transaction.

What is the good part of the deadline?

Starting from 2012, the deadline of the NFL season is extended from the sixth week to the eighth week. Is this practical? The foreman just said, almost every time the period of the first stage of the season is unanimous, we have to win the ball! As the season advances, the team’s goal has slowly changed, 6 weeks in the season, 2 wins and 4 bearings and 4 wins and 2 points seem to look at the gap; the season is 8 weeks, the season is over half, many teams The situation began to make it clear, so the deadline for two weeks, for the buyer and the seller better to recognize their identity, thus making the future correct choice.

In addition, the NFL competition is very large for the players. Each team will go to the end of the season, at least ten season reimbursement players, the league will be pushed by the transaction deadline, which is to pull the trading market, so that the alliance is more “polarified differentiation” Let more the stars go to the strong team, so that the future playoffs is more full of starvation, thereby enhancing the broadcast ratings, the purpose of the commercial speakers, and the purpose of the alliance will always be so clear.

Who will play a shelf in the next two weeks?

Steve Smith (Crow)

37 years old, a positive contract year, the outer hand, the old Smith, in line with all the transactions. Smith race in this season also has more days to clear the situation, almost unrelated, left, right side, slot, can receive long pass, can also rely on experience and small skills to win, though this is so old, But it is still the dream of the other party’s defensive group. Although this old will be clearly expressed as the old man, but the temptation of the champion seems to be more unable to refuse. Bill’s Sami Watekins reimburse this month, Bill urgently needs a library to help him attack, and the wild horse has experienced two-game defeat, which is also because the passing attack is not good, but join The wild horses seem to have a big hassle, and Smith and Achib-Talley are full of evil.

Reasonable quote: five rounds

Home forecast: wild horses

Anto Wan – Bose (49 people)

Bissea’s anti-running and anti-anti-transmission are all in the alliance, plus the contract to the next season, 49 people who are busy reconstructed are also happy to send Bes, which has reached a good time. The multi-strong teams in the league need an excellent, and has the old security guards of the playoffs, such as the red skin of De Angelo-Holily reimbursement, the steel man is still using the new show, Texas lack A excellent anti-parallelism, the red tones are the slot angiite Tanwan – Brace reimbursement, the above four teams have different degrees of security demand, and Bisse can confidently, he is suitable for all systems.

Reasonable quote: five rounds

Home forecast: steel man

Carmelon Waker (Dolphin)

This year is the first year of Wik’s two-year contract, the guarantee is not much, the safety of the contract makes him will be pursued by many teams. If it turns out, I will call Wik as “The top strong side”, after the serious injury, now he can only be called “Excellent Strong Side”, and Wik is almost played in the stuff this season. However, he is still not much in the league, which can launch high-efficiency rushing people from strong sides, which makes a lot of lack of rushing team coveted three feet. Denim is positively disappointing a top outer rushing person to help their backfield anti-transmission, while the raid guard has Karlier Mark and Bruce, which seems to not lack a rushing person, but the inner rush Worse, always by the opponent quartz from the midway, Weik’s body and capacity is sufficient to transform into an excellent inner rushing person.

Reasonable quote: four-wheel sign

Home forecast: Cowboy

Brandon Marshall (Jet)

Compared with Steve Smith, Marshall owned by Smith has, and Marshall is more young and more explosive, more trading value. 32-year-old Marshall has maintained the peak state, the technical characteristics can also serve as the main attack point of any team, plus contractual treatment, and even more thirst. The ancestors have said that Bill urgently wants to find a ball hand on the problem, and the Falcon is outside Hurio-Jones, which requires a large person who can complete the heavy responsibility in close and red.

Reasonable quote: four-wheel sign

Home forecast: Bill

Joe-Harden (Brown)

According to the ranking of the professional football focus, Harden is the 30th, anti-run, the sixth, the bun, the bun, will never let go of such a young star, but Harden has been lost. The day of the ball, clearly expressed willing to try to go to a competitive team. . The eagle lacks a number one corner guard who can focus on the other side of the other party. This is just necessary, and the chief is lacking helpers around Marcus Pites, and the chiefs who have paid great attention to defensive construction have become the next family. Of course, the primary problem is to eat the huge contract of Harden.

Reasonable quote: three rounds

Home forecast: Eagle

Brian Olakho (Titan)

Olakho is a weak side of the league that is very underestimated by people. He has been 30 years old this season, glows youth, his outer rushing is not striking, but more powerful Niu Chong, let him maintain the tenth rational efficiency before the league, if a team is willing to accept his contract, believe Titan is very willing to trade him, and a new Xiu Kevin-Dudan out. Cowboy scarce homes are not secret, especially many defensive ends of this quarter are banned, and the patriots are obviously returned to the outside of this season, and it is necessary to help help help Even their salary meets the requirements of receiving Olakbo.

Reasonable quote: three rounds

Home forecast: patriot

Joe-Thomas (Brown)

Great Joe – Thomas, the 10 seasons did not miss any one-end attack, every season was selected for a career bowl, only three seasons failed to select a season, in addition to the super bowl, almost no one can question the first left of his history s position. Last season, I almost went to the wild horse. This season also became popular in the trading market. Recently, Thomas said it fully left, but this also showed the helplessness of Timas. If Joe-Harden is full of losing, then Thomas is probably getting used to it. If you change the door and get a super bowl ring, then Thomas’s career will be impeccable. Viking people have recently left and right for injury, if they are willing to continue to maintain the championship, then they should continue to gamble this year. The sea eagle has been lacking a good left trip, such as Joomas can drive, believe that the big problem of the Hawks offens the front line is basically no.

Reasonable quote: Timesmark + four rounds

Home forecast: Hawks

Tony Romo (Cowboy)

Jerry Jones recently said that Prescot has replaced Romo’s first position, you can’t accuse Jones’s decision, if you will choose this, then the problem is coming, a knife Will Romo still stay? Refer to Braddy and Brightso, Capenik and Alex – Smith, if the hard scalp is left, it is too disadoked, so Romo leaves is inevitable, then if it will find a new day before the transaction Dong family? I think it is possible, and the big team of the crown is not lacking the four-point guard. So Romo will definitely be in the team of scarce quadrant, the brown four-dimensional bathroom will take back, need Romo Come help them break the duck eggs, and the jet has already been tolerant to Fitz Patrick. Is it too expensive to use the first round to sign a 36-year-old quarter-saving? Brown and jets will give you the first poem: “The times are very expensive, the first price is higher, if it is QB, both can throw.”

Reasonable quote: first roundabout

Home prediction: jet

The latest news is a seven-round sign in the wrapped work, almost china wholesale online free shipping from the chief to run 卫 卫尔 – Davis, believe me, two weeks later, the bloody rain of the deadline, this is just the beginning.

One sentence is given to those who are eagerly cumbersome:

“The real loser is those who are afraid of failure, even try dare to try.”

NFL Chinese official website columnist: Fang Ling

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“54th Super Bowl View Guide”
Time: 7:30 am on February 3, 2020 (Beijing time)

Live link: Tencent sports live broadcast

Domestic live platform: Guangdong sports five-star sports Tencent Sports Baishong

Pair of two sides: San Francisco 49 people vs Kansas City Chief

Hosting venues: Miami Hardstone Stadium

Middle Field Show Guest: Jennifer Lopez & amp; Shaqira

First of all, do you know what is a super bowl?

Super Bowl is an NFL annual championship, usually held in the last or February of the first day of the year in January, which is called Super Bowl Sunday that day.) SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. The super bowl is the name of the game, its trophy name is Wens & Bull; Vince Lombardi Trophay. Participate in the team for the US Rugby Federation champion and the national football federation.

[View Guide] Super Bowl of the past and present

Super Bowl has been a TV show in the United States for many years, and gradually becoming an unofficial national holiday in the United States. In addition, the super bowl is also one of the annual top events of the popular cultural community. It is like Michael Jackson, Biyount, Bruno Mars, and other big names.

[View Guide] Super Bowl Global Influence

Team & amp; Player & amp; Coach Introduction:

San Francisco 49 people:

Click to watch the 49 people team of San Francisco

From the last season of the fish, the face is changed, and it has become the owner of the country. 49 people’s rise of this season makes people look bright, and even some incredible. However, recalling carefully, 49 people have experienced a trough in the 47th Super Bowl, and so many years of sleeping, and finally found a group of cornerstone players, laid a solid base stability for the reunion of the king’s teacher, 49 people The biggest feature, all ends of the attack and defense are all. The biggest advantage of 49 people is: 1. Pay attention to opening the road, pay attention to the wonderful use of all-handed and near-end, and the Runs Committee, Xiaoxanhan to build the first-class road attack; 2. 36% of the two-standing raid rate Pressure rate, defensive front lines have been cumulative, and it is finally fulfilled; 3. Area defensive + defensive backfield excellent play, restricting the opponent’s long biography;

Kansas City Chief:

The sum of the collections of the chief collections of this season are 451 points, 114 points less than last season, and we are hard to see them like to play the clouds like the clouds in the season, but now the chief playing It seems more mature. There is no big problem with the tribute of the offensive master and cheap jerseys free shipping the four-dimensional Swan Holmes, and the chief of the self-contained system, but the chief of the early season is in someone else. For people, this season is replaced by the new defensive coordinator Steve Spielo, and the defensive refund of the next chief, from the regular season 10 weeks 32-35, the defensive defenders since Tennezi, Performance has full progress. The team’s safety Wei Tylilan-Martue also won the best defensive players in December, and also selected the best lineup of the season’s alliance; defensive second-line Chris Jones this season’s influence of injury. A total of 47 pieces of pressure and 30 scratches.


Patrick Mahomes may be the most focused players in this game. During the regular season, the Chief Offense Group received 28.2 points in his leader, and the red area reached 54.0%, and in the playoffs, the two data fiercely increased to 43.0 points and 81.8%. The four-point guards and Dharma-CDs ranked in the AF-compared group (at least 125 ball players) were ranked first. In the four playoffs participated in Mahms, the chief score exceeds 30.


Gallo, Gallo, is 49 people. This season, Gallopolo 476 passed 329 promoted 3978 yards, an average of 8.36 yards per shot, 69.1% of the transfer rate of passing, completed 27 times, and 13 cases were copied, and the passing score is 102 points. His single-season password number ranking team history fourth, the history of the mid-rate ranking team in the single season season.

Andi Rudy VS Kyle, Salunan

Andy Reid is the highest in winning the coach, and there are 15 leaders in his coach career to enter the playoffs, 6 times to enter the joint championship, and enter the super bowl once. But all the feathers are returned. Kyle Sanahan is a famous super bowl 28-3 reversed background. But the two coarsers have reversed their fate of their respective teams. Two coars with profound commandments in the offensive command will design tactics in the super bowl, discover the weaknesses of opponents and use it worthwhile. At the same time, the assistant coaches of the two, including Eric Bienemy, Eric-Bienemy, Eric Bienemy, Eric Bienemy, and Defense Coordinator, Sarah and Second-line defensive coaches Joe – Woods ( Joe Woods has already made praises with excellent coaching. When the two teams were talented, the adjustment and command of the two team coaches in the competition or will determine the championship.

Rule introduction:

How do you see the football game?

American football is a sports carried out on a venue for 100 yards (1 yard equal to 0.914 meters), and there are 11 people on both sides. In NFL, the team member is 53 people, divided into offensive groups, defensive groups and special groups. The purpose of the game is to advance the ball into the other side, complete the decorration score (6 points), and take the additional points (1 point). If you want to reach this, you must pass a group of attacks, that is, “four-stop attack”, put the ball in the front field, including the four-dimensional air pass, give the ball to the outside, or run The air is running on the ground. After completing a set of four offensive, the offensive party must advance the ball forward 10 yards in order to keep offensive balls, and win the new 4-speed offensive opportunity, continue to advance to the opponent. If the defensive party stops, it is not possible to advance 10 yards. If you hold the ball, you must give up the kick and return the ball to each other. Or, if the range is enough, you can try the door, wear the ball door, you can get 3 points. After the game of 15 minutes of the game, the team scored the largest team was the winner of the game.

[View Guide] 3 minutes to teach you to see rugby


The purpose of the rugby competition is to bring the ball into the other side, such a score method is called “reach”, 6 points. After reaching the array, the offensive party can choose to make a relatively easy shooting point, get 1 point; you can also choose a two-point conversion of a more difficulty, 2 points.

[View Guide] What is Dagu

Offensive means:

There are two kinds of offensive promotion methods: sports attack and pass attack.

[Tour Guide] How is it a successful catch?

Other common cheap nfl jerseys online competition live common vocabulary explanation:

1, what is the first attack? (First Down)

Whenever a team gets the ball, they have four opportunities to advance the ball into 10 yards. If they get 10 yards, get the first attack and the new four-speed offensive opportunity, if they didn’t get 10 yards, Then give the ball to the opponent. Click to watch details

2, what is two points conversion? (2-point-converness)

After the team completed the reachable, you can choose to play an additional shooting door, you can get 1 point, or to play a 2-point conversion attack on a risk, if you choose to play 2 points, the team will be in front of the other party At the code line, you can get 2 points as long as the ball is sent to the end area. Click to watch details

3, what is a killing? (Sack)

The murder refers to the two-point guard before the ball is passed, and the opponent is smashed behind. At present, the most common killing masters in the alliance, such as the defensive dish of the ram, Donald, Dezhou’s defensive end JJ-Watt. Click to watch details

4, what is a copy? (Interception)

CD is one of the best changes in football, one of the players of the battle, refers to the defenders who will cut the ball first on the offensive players. The most common is the Corner CD. Click to watch details

5, what is the ball? (Fumble)

The ball is a player who is getting off, and after the control of the ball, after the fall, the offensive party and the defensive side can grab, if the offensive party grabs the ball, the game continues, if the defenders grab the ball, then both sides Attack and defense conversion, the defenders got new four-stop offensive opportunities. Click to watch details

6, what is interference? (Pass Interference)

When the quarter-saving shot, the offensive and defensive side can try to catch the ball, but you can’t limit the chance of other players to catch the ball, if you pull, block, hook, hug or try to catch the ball The player, the referee will throw a yellow flag that you interfere with you, Wholesale Jerseys from china free shipping but as long as any player touches the ball, this means that the defensive player can start to hug. Click to watch details

7, overtime rules (OVERTIME)

If the competition takes place in the normal time, it will enter the overtime game. The two teams will decide who will get the ball of the overtime. Unless the first offensive party gets the arrival or first defense. Get the safety of the safety or reachable, otherwise, both sides have at least one chance to hold the ball. Subsequently, the first team won the game. Click to watch details

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Last Week San Francisco 49 people team running guards in Frank Gore and the rookie Carlos Hyde coupled to the saints to win 117 chosurches and 2 times. Unless the big score by the Saints, Hill should have more than 20 touch opportunities.

Bernard won the 446 yards and 5 times this season, and the Hill 86 times won 404 yards 5 times. Obviously, Hill is slightly higher than Bernard in efficiency.