Charmyth Liners Hand or Foot Disposable Thermal Heated Mitt Liners Paraffin Bath Treatments Bags Plastic Liner Socks and Gloves for Hot Wax Therapy (100)

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Features: Easy to open liner with folds on the side. Can be used for paraffin care during hand or foot spa, or paired with heating gloves. They help to lock in water, improve absorption of skin-care products, and keep hand and foot covers clean.
How to use: Submerge hand or foot in paraffin, then into the liner. After the liner opening is securely tied, proceed with hand/foot care. Please do not pour hot paraffin directly into the liner to avoid overheating and damaging the liner.
Usage: One-time use. Suitable for paraffin care such as paraffin baths and hand/foot heat therapy for softer skin or alleviating joint pains.
Size: The Charmyth liner is 15 by 6 inches, with plenty of room inside to accommodate most hand and foot sizes.

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