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What are the teams who have not entered the playoffs?
The 2015 regular season ends, and for the 12 teams in the playoffs, the more cruel playoff started. However, for most teams of the league, their resort operations have quietly started. In addition to the team management, the coaching group changes, the fans are most concerned about the 2016 draft conference.

Tennes Xitan’s performance of “excellent” throughout the season, after the end of last year, I will continue to win the first champion of this year’s draft. This is also the third champion in the history of the Titan team. Of course, they are still called Houston.
In the past 5 years, Titan’s first round of draft strengthened the offensive group: 2 offensive front line players, 2 quadrants, 1 outer junction, which is not lack of Jake Locker. However, last year’s list is selected from Marcus Mariota from Oregon University. Titan finally has its own super quarter-off.

So in this year, Titan will sign in this order to choose which of this year’s university?


As the maximum popular candidate of the champion, the BOSA can rule the beast of the university defensive end for two consecutive years. Titan is now most needed. Bosa can be said to be the best existence in this year’s draft players. He is not only able to make great contributions in the rumor, but also he is also a strong outer anti-engrave.

BOSA This year’s +43.5 is ranked second in the country, and the same results last year is +56.6 leading the country, surpass all the same position in the first round of the first round, such as Dante Fowler (Jacksonville America), Vic Beasley ( Atlanta Falcon), Bud DuPree (Pittsburgh Steel Man).

Bosa also dominated in pavement anti-running. Last year, he got a national third high (+21.5) this year, he won the highest +28.5 score in the country. For BOSA, the only possible problem is the development of defensive system tactics, because he is a perfect defensive end of the 4-3 defensive system, and he is still a good inside anti-enginer that can directly face offensive strikes. Whether it will take what kind of defensive tactics in Titan next season, he can change the entire defensive system of the team. And he will also become a member of Tennessee Front-7 that has already had Jurrell Casey, Derrick Morgan, and Brian Orakpo, but is severely underestimated.

Deforest Buckner, DE, Oregon

Buckner is also a very good choice on the addition of the defensive front line. He got a high score of +70.0 rating in the university competition this year. And the same as BOSA, Buckner, which can get high-rated buckner in the anti-run (+27.7) and anti-transmission (+42.2) is also a defensive person with a double threat.

BOSA may be more suitable for the 4-3 defensive system, but Buckner is more like a defensive end of 3-4 defensive, and he can also be perfectly adapted under the 4-3 system, this is the BOSA does not have . For this reason, Buckner is likely to be a better choice for Tennessee’s defensive group because they have insisted 3-4 play throughout the season. (Of course, the Chip Kelly has become a new serial coach in Titan, then Buckner is large enough to be selected by Titan.)

It has 6 feet 7-inch height and 290 pounds of weight, Buckner’s best template in the league active player is Arizona’s Raven’s defensive generals Calais Campbell. Regardless of the defensive system, Buckner can be listed on the outside of the opposite offensive cutting, the pocket is applied to the pocket using its excellent physical conditions, just like the Patriots’ Chandler Jones. However, according to Titan’s 3-4 defensive system, Buckner is likely to partner as a defensive end with Jurrell Casey, and the outside of the external guards already have Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo.

Laremy Tunsil, OT, OLE MISS

The most suitable choice in the simulation draft is the offense tunsil from the University of Mississippi. Tunsil is a player who has become a great left truncation, and it is also a new show in this year’s draft. He was very eye-catching in the university league this season. After the eighth week, he got the ranking of all college attack cuts seventh (+16.4).

The problem now is that in this day, more and more people think that there is no need to have privileged left-trials. Although the offensive front line player has not high in the league, and any excellent player’s joining is a very positive symbol, but the value of the left truncation is getting more and more than before. More and more teams like to put their hands on the opposite side of the right trip rather than the left. (In fact, no matter which side, the pressure of the quadrant is almost the same.)

In the next five months, we may also hear a class such as “Blind Test” and “Tunsil will perfectly fits Titan”, but I prefer to choose a change The defensive front line player of the competition is not an offensive left. With the continuous evolution of the cheap nfl jerseys from china pass attack, the fast combo attack and uninterrupted persistent attack can indeed make up for the weak disadvantages of the offensive front, so choose a more unique player who has a more unique ability to be more than the past. important. This is why Tunsil may get a high level, but it will not be subject to more attention.

Laquon Treadwell, WR, OLE MISS

A top external connector? Maybe it will be.

According to nfl jerseys history, tell us that a great quarter-shock side will have a great external connections. Titan has already had a great quarterly Mariota last year, but they still lack an external connections that can be taken.
A good external hand needs to take the high difficulties of the incredible, and you have to create more offensive codes after you get simple passed, and all this Laquon Treadwell can do. He has a $ +12.7 of the team in the top five teams, and he also got a +2.9 score in the bowl, and a healthy Treadwell can take over any game.

Despite the recovery from the serious injury, Treadwell this season is still very successful. Now he has a good physical condition to bring a full range of threats. Although the use of the homark can have a better choice, after the second and even the third round, the core quarter-off guards around Mariota is the top priority of Titan in the entire break.