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Bill completed the big transaction to take the outside hand Waspers and the angular Weida ratio
Beijing August 12th, Buffalo completed two transactions on Friday morning, completely changed the team’s external walking position.

The team announced that they will pick up the Sammy Watkins and wholesale nfl jerseys the sixth round of the 2018 selection of rights to the Los Angeles ram, in exchange for cheap nfl jerseys EJ Gaines and the second round of 2018 Draft.

Subsequently, they traded the first corner Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagle, cheap jerseys online got an external hand Jordan Matthews and the third round of dictionary of 2018.

“This is not an easy decision,” Bill General Manager Brandon Beane “said. “I told (boss) Terry Pegula last night and (coach) Sean McDermott. This is totally the decision we made together.”

As for Watekins, this is a decisive change for his career. After the first round of the first round, Bill has always hoped that he can meet the expectations. But he has been influenced by injuries, although it does exhibit excellent offensive ability.

After the performance decline last season, Watekins will reunite with the front teammate Robert Woods, and become the top of the ram.

This transaction will allow the second grade of the ram to Jarid Goff, and he is currently the pressure that must be quickly achieved. If Watekins can stay healthy, you can expect him to reappear the performance of more than 2000 yards in the first two seasons.

Watekins has entered the last year of the contract, and Bill has previously refused his fifth year contract option. But we believe that the rushings will continue to renew this year. Speaking of the election, in next year, Chi Bier has 2 first round of draft, 2 rounds of draft, and 2 third round draft.

Matthews will also become the team’s number one after coming to Bill. This comprehensive external connector has been considered to be tradable for a few weeks, but cheap jerseys from china the trading result, the price of Massatus is unexpected.

For the eagle, they already have many olders to take over, but they need helpers in the defensive group. Getting to the performance of the defensive group, but Matthewa has also given the offensive group to make greater pressure.

The transaction in the next season will be concerned, everyone wants to determine who is the biggest winner of this transaction.