Dowellife Working Gloves for Men and Women, Cut Resistant Work Gloves, Comfortable Gardening Gloves, Durable Mechanics Gloves and Flexible Fishing Gloves (Medium, Grey)

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Dowellife cut resistant garden work glovesDowellife cut resistant garden work gloves

No More Cut Hurt and Slipping with Dowellife Grip Cut Resistant Gloves for gardening, weeding, woodworking and yard work for men and women.

Cut resistant garden working gloves for women menCut resistant garden working gloves for women men

As an operator who requires to be exposed to sharp objects in daily work such as gardening metal/glass handling, weeding, wood carving, yard and lawn work, warehouse & logistics and construction work, are you worried that your hands may be cut every day?

When you wear cutting gloves, it is very slippery to hold objects, and the objects in your hands often slide easily. Does this bother you? Or are you afraid that when you touch small glass or metal slag, will they hurt your hands through safety working gloves?

With high performance of HDPE material, DOWELLIFE cut resistant working gloves can provide EN388 highest Level 5 anti-cutting protection for users. And the coated super thin PU layer, not only increases grip performance, but also provides light level water resistant performance on palm and fingers. So with these advantages, the safety gloves are so really comfortable and dexterous to wear.

Wearing the cut resistant safety gloves, there is no necessary for women, men or kids to concern the fear of being cut and sliding off. And you also can deal with glass and metal slag easily and conveniently.

cut gloves working work glovescut gloves working work gloves

Cut Resistant and Comfortable Working Gloves for Women & Men

If you have to deal with knives or sharp objects every day, or maybe you are more likely to encounter sharp objects at any time, such as a piece of glass in the soil during the process of cleaning the garden, yard, lawn or sharp metal edges, paper edges, even ropes, stones when you are handling some works.

This fear of being cut at any time will seriously and exactly affect your work progress, and even accidentally you have to go to ER. Surely you need a pair of cut resistant working gloves, but you don’t want them too thick and heavy just like an armor to influence your work.

Dowellife’s cut resistant gloves are mainly made of HDPE material which is very soft and light but presents strong cutting resistance performance. Under this circumstance, the cutting gloves are four times stronger than leather, and awarded the European EN388 highest Level 5 Anti-Cutting Certificate. So with the gloves you can work faster and more smoothly, instead of worrying about being cut at any time.

glass anti puncture glovesglass anti puncture gloves

Firm Grip and Water Resistant Working Gloves on Palm and Fingers

During work the most annoying thing is that some objects in your hands slip out of control accidentally. For example, when you handle the glass, it suddenly slips out of your hand. So it is very essential to be careful when operating because the occurrence of accidents can not only to make you slow down, but also to lead to some mistakes.

To solve this problem, Dowellife gloves are designed to be coated with PU on the palm and finger parts of the cut-resistant material, which not only greatly increases the adhesion of the palm and finger, but also stimulates the cut resistant working gloves to be functional as water resistant on palm and fingers, and simultaneously the back of the hand still feels breathable and comfortable.

Wearing this glove, even if your hands or glass are wet, you can control it completely and perfectly without considering its sudden slip. Ideal as gardening gloves, construction gloves, fishing gloves, diving gloves and safety working gloves for women and men.

wood working gloveswood working gloves

Dexterous Operation Safety Work Gloves for Women & Men

In your work, you often conduct some delicate and flexible operation procedures, such as wood working, wood carving, small screws’ assembly in machinery. However there is a situation that you have to take off your protective gloves during the process of drawing or screwing, you must go crazy.

Dowellife’s safety working gloves are designed with lightweight and elastic HDPE and nylon and Spandex materials which are well snag fit. And there are four sizes for your choice. Especially for our grip coating layer, we chose the thinnest and softest PU, not the thick or very hard nitrile butadiene or latex or leather. In this way, As the ideal wood carving gloves, wood working gloves or gardening gloves they are just like your second skin, you can operate flexibly and dexterously.

garden gloves women

garden gloves women

working gloves men

working gloves men

Glass garden cut proof work gloves

Glass garden cut proof work gloves

Convenient Cleaning Gardening Gloves

Sometimes your work stains your gardening gloves. Sometimes you don’t want to work with a pair of dirty gloves, because it will affect your mood.

Dowellife’s cut resistant gardening gloves can be washed in the washing machine to keep clean easily.

1+1 Standby Makes You More Confident

You often encounter: a pair of work gloves damaged, washed and not drying, or you forget to wash, then you are anxious to work, with no gloves wearing. There’s no doubt that another pair of spare working gloves can always reassure you.

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Behind each product, Dowellife is ready to provide services for you.

Each of our products goes through strict inspection and examination before shipment.

Cut Resistant Fabric HDPE, Nylon, Spandex, PU Coated
[PROTECT HANDS FROM CUTS, ABRASIONS] The highest level of cut resistant fabric is available, awarded with the highest EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistance Certificate, showing 10 times stronger than normal gloves. Ideal for gardening, construction, yard work, metalworking, HVAC, cutting and fishing for men and women. (Warm Tips: Level 2 puncture resistant, NOT suitable for grabbing rose thorns and cactus)
[ULTRA-FIRM GRIP, NO WORRY ABOUT THE SLIPPING] Coated PU palm and fingers provide excellent grip, even in wet or oily conditions, you can easily and quickly grab slippery objects, such as glass, pipe, carving knife…
[DEXTERITY AND COMFORT] The ultra-thin coated PU layer, 13-gauge HDPE cut resistant fabric, spandex & high elastic nylon blended make the working gloves fit your hands appropriately. They are excellently qualified for jobs requiring dexterity and will give you more confidence in your work, such as construction, gardening, warehouse, mechanic, yard work, weeding, garbage collecting…
[MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SAFETY WORKING GLOVES] Qualified as EN388 2016 4542C, not only cut resistant, but also wear-resistant, the cut resistant work gloves can protect your hands in various works such mechanics, gardening, fillet, wood working, auto, carving, detecting, diving and fishing whatever you are men, women, children and carpenter, juniors, kids, boys or girls.
[DURABLE, MACHINE WASHABLE AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] Now click the “Add to Cart” button to give an order to avoid 99% accidental injury on hands for you, your family and your employees. And for any reason you’re not satisfied, please let us know and we will help you RETURN or REFUND.

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