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“54th Super Bowl View Guide”
Time: 7:30 am on February 3, 2020 (Beijing time)

Live link: Tencent sports live broadcast

Domestic live platform: Guangdong sports five-star sports Tencent Sports Baishong

Pair of two sides: San Francisco 49 people vs Kansas City Chief

Hosting venues: Miami Hardstone Stadium

Middle Field Show Guest: Jennifer Lopez & amp; Shaqira

First of all, do you know what is a super bowl?

Super Bowl is an NFL annual championship, usually held in the last or February of the first day of the year in January, which is called Super Bowl Sunday that day.) SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. The super bowl is the name of the game, its trophy name is Wens & Bull; Vince Lombardi Trophay. Participate in the team for the US Rugby Federation champion and the national football federation.

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Super Bowl has been a TV show in the United States for many years, and gradually becoming an unofficial national holiday in the United States. In addition, the super bowl is also one of the annual top events of the popular cultural community. It is like Michael Jackson, Biyount, Bruno Mars, and other big names.

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Team & amp; Player & amp; Coach Introduction:

San Francisco 49 people:

Click to watch the 49 people team of San Francisco

From the last season of the fish, the face is changed, and it has become the owner of the country. 49 people’s rise of this season makes people look bright, and even some incredible. However, recalling carefully, 49 people have experienced a trough in the 47th Super Bowl, and so many years of sleeping, and finally found a group of cornerstone players, laid a solid base stability for the reunion of the king’s teacher, 49 people The biggest feature, all ends of the attack and defense are all. The biggest advantage of 49 people is: 1. Pay attention to opening the road, pay attention to the wonderful use of all-handed and near-end, and the Runs Committee, Xiaoxanhan to build the first-class road attack; 2. 36% of the two-standing raid rate Pressure rate, defensive front lines have been cumulative, and it is finally fulfilled; 3. Area defensive + defensive backfield excellent play, restricting the opponent’s long biography;

Kansas City Chief:

The sum of the collections of the chief collections of this season are 451 points, 114 points less than last season, and we are hard to see them like to play the clouds like the clouds in the season, but now the chief playing It seems more mature. There is no big problem with the tribute of the offensive master and cheap jerseys free shipping the four-dimensional Swan Holmes, and the chief of the self-contained system, but the chief of the early season is in someone else. For people, this season is replaced by the new defensive coordinator Steve Spielo, and the defensive refund of the next chief, from the regular season 10 weeks 32-35, the defensive defenders since Tennezi, Performance has full progress. The team’s safety Wei Tylilan-Martue also won the best defensive players in December, and also selected the best lineup of the season’s alliance; defensive second-line Chris Jones this season’s influence of injury. A total of 47 pieces of pressure and 30 scratches.


Patrick Mahomes may be the most focused players in this game. During the regular season, the Chief Offense Group received 28.2 points in his leader, and the red area reached 54.0%, and in the playoffs, the two data fiercely increased to 43.0 points and 81.8%. The four-point guards and Dharma-CDs ranked in the AF-compared group (at least 125 ball players) were ranked first. In the four playoffs participated in Mahms, the chief score exceeds 30.


Gallo, Gallo, is 49 people. This season, Gallopolo 476 passed 329 promoted 3978 yards, an average of 8.36 yards per shot, 69.1% of the transfer rate of passing, completed 27 times, and 13 cases were copied, and the passing score is 102 points. His single-season password number ranking team history fourth, the history of the mid-rate ranking team in the single season season.

Andi Rudy VS Kyle, Salunan

Andy Reid is the highest in winning the coach, and there are 15 leaders in his coach career to enter the playoffs, 6 times to enter the joint championship, and enter the super bowl once. But all the feathers are returned. Kyle Sanahan is a famous super bowl 28-3 reversed background. But the two coarsers have reversed their fate of their respective teams. Two coars with profound commandments in the offensive command will design tactics in the super bowl, discover the weaknesses of opponents and use it worthwhile. At the same time, the assistant coaches of the two, including Eric Bienemy, Eric-Bienemy, Eric Bienemy, Eric Bienemy, and Defense Coordinator, Sarah and Second-line defensive coaches Joe – Woods ( Joe Woods has already made praises with excellent coaching. When the two teams were talented, the adjustment and command of the two team coaches in the competition or will determine the championship.

Rule introduction:

How do you see the football game?

American football is a sports carried out on a venue for 100 yards (1 yard equal to 0.914 meters), and there are 11 people on both sides. In NFL, the team member is 53 people, divided into offensive groups, defensive groups and special groups. The purpose of the game is to advance the ball into the other side, complete the decorration score (6 points), and take the additional points (1 point). If you want to reach this, you must pass a group of attacks, that is, “four-stop attack”, put the ball in the front field, including the four-dimensional air pass, give the ball to the outside, or run The air is running on the ground. After completing a set of four offensive, the offensive party must advance the ball forward 10 yards in order to keep offensive balls, and win the new 4-speed offensive opportunity, continue to advance to the opponent. If the defensive party stops, it is not possible to advance 10 yards. If you hold the ball, you must give up the kick and return the ball to each other. Or, if the range is enough, you can try the door, wear the ball door, you can get 3 points. After the game of 15 minutes of the game, the team scored the largest team was the winner of the game.

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The purpose of the rugby competition is to bring the ball into the other side, such a score method is called “reach”, 6 points. After reaching the array, the offensive party can choose to make a relatively easy shooting point, get 1 point; you can also choose a two-point conversion of a more difficulty, 2 points.

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Offensive means:

There are two kinds of offensive promotion methods: sports attack and pass attack.

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Other common cheap nfl jerseys online competition live common vocabulary explanation:

1, what is the first attack? (First Down)

Whenever a team gets the ball, they have four opportunities to advance the ball into 10 yards. If they get 10 yards, get the first attack and the new four-speed offensive opportunity, if they didn’t get 10 yards, Then give the ball to the opponent. Click to watch details

2, what is two points conversion? (2-point-converness)

After the team completed the reachable, you can choose to play an additional shooting door, you can get 1 point, or to play a 2-point conversion attack on a risk, if you choose to play 2 points, the team will be in front of the other party At the code line, you can get 2 points as long as the ball is sent to the end area. Click to watch details

3, what is a killing? (Sack)

The murder refers to the two-point guard before the ball is passed, and the opponent is smashed behind. At present, the most common killing masters in the alliance, such as the defensive dish of the ram, Donald, Dezhou’s defensive end JJ-Watt. Click to watch details

4, what is a copy? (Interception)

CD is one of the best changes in football, one of the players of the battle, refers to the defenders who will cut the ball first on the offensive players. The most common is the Corner CD. Click to watch details

5, what is the ball? (Fumble)

The ball is a player who is getting off, and after the control of the ball, after the fall, the offensive party and the defensive side can grab, if the offensive party grabs the ball, the game continues, if the defenders grab the ball, then both sides Attack and defense conversion, the defenders got new four-stop offensive opportunities. Click to watch details

6, what is interference? (Pass Interference)

When the quarter-saving shot, the offensive and defensive side can try to catch the ball, but you can’t limit the chance of other players to catch the ball, if you pull, block, hook, hug or try to catch the ball The player, the referee will throw a yellow flag that you interfere with you, Wholesale Jerseys from china free shipping but as long as any player touches the ball, this means that the defensive player can start to hug. Click to watch details

7, overtime rules (OVERTIME)

If the competition takes place in the normal time, it will enter the overtime game. The two teams will decide who will get the ball of the overtime. Unless the first offensive party gets the arrival or first defense. Get the safety of the safety or reachable, otherwise, both sides have at least one chance to hold the ball. Subsequently, the first team won the game. Click to watch details