FANCOOL 4000ft FPV Drones with Camera for Adults, UHD 4K&1080p, Anti-Shake Cam Drone 5GWifi GPS Transmitter Live Video up to 60 Min Long Flight Time, Professional Follow Me Drone Auto Return

Price: $299.99 - $259.99
(as of Jun 30,2022 09:45:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

FANCOOL Drones with Camera for Adults with Remote Control. 4K, UHD, and EIS Camera for First Person View(FPV) with 5G Wifi GPS Transmitter


Drone with Electric Image Stabilization Camera technology to Anti-shake, Provides a clear picture a smoothly video

Please know that the drone needs to calibrated by yourself before flying, the steps as following:

1. Turn on the remote controller: Keep pressing the red “lock” button and slide the right-side button.

2. Power on the drone.

3. Horizontal calibration: Hold the drone horizontally and rotate it 360 degrees along the central axis for about 3 circles. Front and rear lights flashing yellow alternatively green.

4. Vertical calibration: Drone camera facing up, rotate it 360 degrees along the central axis for about 3 circles. The front light is red and the rear light is green, from flashing to solid on means completely.

5. Gyroscope calibration: On your phone APP, Upper left corner, if you see the green banded that means the Gyroscope calibration is completed at the factory. If it is red-banded, that you need to put both Throttles to the bottom left.

6. Pressing the “lock” button to unlock the drone, you can control it to fly.

Attention please: If the drone can’t be controlled by you, please press the “red lock” button urgently to stop the drone from flying.

Drone with Camera:

1. Adjustable Gimbal Angle

2. EIS to Anti-shake

3. Ultra Clear


Professional Drones with 4K Camera for Adults







FPV Drone for Adults

FPV: First person view picture or video.

4000ft Max Transmission Distance to remote control the drone, 1969ft is the best FPV Transmission Distance

Adjustable Camera Angle 90°

Professional drones for adults with adjustable angle camera to take a good picture, 4K UHD FPV on your phone.

4K EIS Camera Drone: 1/3 inch CMOS

4K UHD Camera Drones will give you clearly picture or smoothly video feeling than 720PCamera.

With EIS Camera Drones will stable during flying.

Multi-function for free your hand to fly your drone







Follow-me Mode

Follow Me Mode to capture the precious happy moments anytime.

The drone automatically follows and captures you in the frame wherever you move at all times. Easy to get complex shots, provides hands-free flying and selfie. You can get professional images, enjoy the beauty and landscapes through the APP.

Orbit flight Mode

Orbit flight Mode allows you to create fun of fly by automatically fly a circle around. Your minds and hands are free, help you capture the professional images in all-round

Tap Fly Mode

Simply draw a route on the app screen, the drone will automatically fly along the path you set. You can immerse themselves in the video

Headless Mode


Headless mode is free the direction of the flying.

Long Distance Fly with 5G Wifi. GPS and Optical Flow Camera Positioning Make Drone Stable







5GHz WiFi FPV Real-time Transmission

Upgraded 5GHz ensures FPV (first-person view) fast, not only high-quality real-time video but also high-quality real-time picture. No lag or delay. Even flying as far as 4000ft.

Drone with camera controller

4k: 3840×[email protected]

1080p:[email protected]

3 situations will Auto Return To Home

1. Low batterry Return

2. Weak or Lost GPS signal Return

3. Press the return home button Return

Optical Flow Positioning

Turn the light on when the GPS weak to fly stable.

Optical Flow Positioning enable drone to hover very stably when the GPS weak or indoor fly.

GPS On: Front red light, rear green light

GPS Weak: Front red light, rear yellow light


Drone Package included

Drone *1

Propellers(A&B) *4

Screwdriver *1

Remote Controller *1

Type-c Charging Cable(not included adapter) *1

Aircraft Battery (7.6V 3400mAh)*2

Battery Net Weight: Around 170g

UHD 4K &1080p EIS Camera Drones for Adults: 4K&1080p Camera Drones catches UHD Image plus the EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology to reduce blurriness at the maximum, very stable Image during Live Videos in [email protected] or [email protected] 1/3 inch CMOS Image Sensor Camera can be adjusted to 90°by remote control. 130°FOV lens camera zoom function can broaden you more different professional angle.
Professional GPS Drones with Camera For Adults 4k: GPS location for Auto Return Home with 3 situations, including batteries low, weak GPS and you would like it to return. Free of losing your drone. If the GPS is weak, please choose the optical flow positioning mode. the drone can hover stably both indoor and outdoor. Altitude hold and one key takeoff/ landing are very easy for beginner adults, emergency stop with the red lock button if you hardly control the drone.
Long Flight Time with 2 Speeds: 2pcs of batteries drone for adults a long flight time. Fly up to 60 minutes time drone at low speed, extending the more excellent flight experience for professional adults or beginner adults. At high speed, the drone can be fly for 44 minutes. The maximum flight speed is 25mph with a Powerful Brushless motor, fewer noises, table, fast and have a longer lifetime and spare you from motor maintenance.
5G-Wifi&GPS FPV Transmission: Connect 5G Wifi signal provides up to 4000ft Long Distance Transmitter, delivers live stream with zero-latency, smoothly first-person view video(FPV) or 4k(3840 x 2160) picture will on your phone after connecting the drone wifi and turn on the GPS on the remote control. 1969ft is the best FPV Transmission Distance.
Intelligent Functions in 4K Drones for Adults: Four functions enable the drone to fly automatically and free your hands and minds to do video or picture creation. There is Follow-me, Orbit flight, Headless mode, and Tap Fly. Follow-me mode is following you do. Orbit flight is a circle surround feature. Headless mode is free the direction of the flying. Tap Fly is automatically fly with a customized route by yourself.

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