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Fitzgerald said the red tick is cheap nfl jerseys online‘s spurs
In the eighth week of competition, Arizona Renht relied on the last moment of the last time, the Temple of Touring Troubled for 6 wins and 1 loss of records. Inner, the squad, Larry Fitzgerald, said that the team can still do better, and think that the rubbit is very similar to NBA’s San Antonio malony.

Fitzgerald said in an interview: “We are blue-collar teams, victory is hard to grind. Our team is like a cheap nfl jerseys online version of the Spurs, the game is not gorgeous, let the fan feel ugly boring But we haven’t played our best offensive state, so once we thoroughly awakened will not stop. ”

Although the current Spurs is not the ball that is a dull team, in a sense, the metaphor of Fitzgerald is not completely unreasonable. The red scitch now is in the defensive end with a group of unknown veteran, the offensive end is more blossoming, wholesale jerseys and it will not over-rely on personal abilities.

There is also similar to the two teams in public opinion. Now many people think that this season is the last glory of the Spurs, and there are many remarks that the sack is collapsed next half. For Fitzgerald, the voice of “Lian Po” is also endless. For these, Fitzgerad is not concerned, he said: “From the high school period, I have been trying my own The potential, it is best to do it on the court. The outside world always likes to pick up. They always say that LeBron James is not working. When Sammy Sosa, the Sammy Sosa is playing 60 projectors, They also say that Soda’s face is not good. These people can always change the black you of the law. I never ignored these remarks, I will only continue to go all my best and constantly improve my weaknesses. “