FlatHat 16″ (40cm) Collapsible Drone Landing Pad

Price: $19.95
(as of May 23,2022 18:39:41 UTC – Details)

Drone landing pads are best used to prevent a drone’s rotor wash from creating clouds of dust & debris on take-off and landing from gravelly or dusty surfaces. Landing pads also help to prevent grass and weeds from interfering with a drone’s gimbal on take off and landing. The FlatHat Drone Pad’s bold pattern provides an easy-to-see landing target, and it can be used to provide a designated ‘return-home’ location for drones with that capability. The FlatHat 16” (40 cm) Collapsible Drone Landing Pad is constructed out of heavy-duty canvas fabric mounted to a flexible spring steel frame. The thick canvas fabric was selected for its durability, and to prevent tears in the event of accidental exposure to a drone’s spinning rotor blades. Weighing just 3. 5oz (100g), the FlatHat 16” drone pad collapses easily to 1/3 of its expanded size, storing quickly into its small carry bag.
90% polyester/10% spandex
For use with mini and nano sized drones
Durable, heavy duty canvas fabric design
Dyed fabric design will not peel or flake with use
Provides easy-to-see landing target
Includes 16” drone pad, high quality carry bag

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