Fnova 34dB NRR Ear Protection for Shooting, Safety Ear Muffs Defenders

Price: $12.99
(as of May 22,2022 08:46:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description

YES, your search for the perfect safety ear muffss is over, When you purchase the Fnova safety ear mufss NOW, means you get the best ear protection .
The fnova ear muff not only offers the best de-noising effect, the comfortable feeling, pocket-size storage too!
Of course you can adjust the size to fit almost size include kids’, but we don’t suggest child under 3 years old wear it.

Why the fnova safety ear muffs can achieve the 34dB highest NRR ?
Experts noted that: NRR depends on 3 factors( the sound absorption material、the sealing and the manufacturing techniques ).
That’s why fnova safety ear muffs can achieve the highest NRR: 2 layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cup design,
and the unique double-shell technology that blockade sound travels by built-in double room. All combine to built an industry leading 34dB NRR.

What’s the Fnova ear muffs offers?
– COMFORTABLE – Padded Head Band and Swivel cups design lined with Soft, comfortable Foam cushions providing non-stop comfort for hours around your head and ears..
– ADJUSTABLE – Design adjustment headband to achieve a full of vertical adjustment for a perfect fit.
– PORTABLE – Compact, Standard Folding head band add more convenience to carry and store.
– FASHIONABLE -Attractive, modern and stylish design with rounded, glossy ABS cup shells.
– DURABLE – Industrial grade premium quality surly meets professional high quality standard to achieve the perfect combination of durability and comfort to withstand a lifetime of repeated use .

COMPACT – Portable size for for efficient storage, the must- have for ear protection.
ADJUSTABLE – Design adjustment headband of the earmuffs for a perfect fit from kid to adults.
SOLID – Industrial grade premium quality Guaranteed not to Break give to best hearing protetion
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