Ghostbusters: Afterlife Collapses Underneath Fan-baiting Nostalgia

To start with, Afterlife does attempt to forge its own identity. By relocating the original film’s good-ass city setting to nowheresville, Oklahoma (technically, Summerville, Oklahoma), Afterlife taps into a special vein of horror. The whole level of the original movie’s New York City setting was the comic incongruity of the supernatural shenanigans, but Afterlife brings in rural horror staples like a sinister home jutting from a hill, unsettling outbuildings and creepily rustling cornfields.

Ashland – workplace building behind john stones – again within the mid seventies there was a janitor working late, he was a form man in mid summer he would flip A/Cs on so the workplaces could be cool within the mornings, he was on the top flooring working in an workplace on the sprinkler system when he fell from his step ladder and onto the counter flipping him over making him land on his head, breaking his neck. to this present day in the office building hearth alarms will be tripped, lights go out in the elevator, unusual noises are heard on the top flooring, A/Cs are turned on and apparitions are seen wandering the up-stairs foyer.

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