GripProtect Precise Black 5 Nitrile Exam Gloves | Powder-Free Disposable Gloves | Medical, Law Enforcement, Tattoo, Agriculture, Hydro | Chemo-Rated, Fentanyl Resistant | 5 Mil (L, 100)

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Medical Exam Grade: Manufactured to meet high testing requirements to be Exam Grade. Excellent hand protection and suitable for infection control and reducing transmission. At 5 mils thickness, these nitrile gloves are durable while still allowing tactile feedback and control.
Versatility: Due to meeting Exam Grade standards, GripProtect Precise BLACK 5 Exam Gloves can be used in multiple industries, not just healthcare.
Latex-Free: Produced from synthetic rubber to reduce potential allergic reactions.
Chemo-Rated & Fentanyl Resistant: Tested for use with Chemotherapy Agents & Fentanyl Citrate using ASTM D6978-05 permeation tests.
Textured Fingers: Textured surface makes it easy to pick up instruments and objects. With its thickness, tactile sensitivity, and gripping ability, these gloves are a great choice in light to medium-duty use.

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