Guidelines for the Successful Student: A Closer Look at Parenting Your School-Aged Child

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This book is a practical and easy-to-read guide and reference book for all parents of students in our communities everywhere. It will be a useful practical guide used to answer the many questions and concerns you all may have about how to raise and manage your children as “successful students” even when they are not at school with support from all of our stakeholders.

“Guidelines for the Successful Student” will explain and provide you with some insight as to how to plan, implement, establish, and enforce routines and procedures at home so that there is continuity and consistency in learning by your children as “successful students” at home.

In this reference guide, you will learn:

  • Your roles as parents of students at home
  • Your children’s roles as students at home
  • How to prepare your students for learning at home
  • What accommodations need to be made before, during, and after school throughout the school year
  • How to issue rewards and consequences to your children at home
  • What expectations, routines, and procedures need to be established and enforced at home
  • How to nurture your children as they learn to become successful students and productive citizens
  • How to teach and train your students to be successful learners
  • How to receive support from all stakeholders in your communities

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