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Mammark starting to run Wei Bardad, continue to absent this week
NFL Network Albert Brill Reports Cincinnati Matulative Tiger team starting to run Guiiovani Bernard, because the hip injury will continue to absent this week’s game for cheap jerseys free shipping the New Orleans Saints.

Last Week Brir is expected to be absent cheap jerseys from china 2 weeks or longer. This game will once again become a rookie to joggee-Hill’s unrelent. Hill is from the tenth week to the downturn of the Arravland Brown team, and wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping it is expected that this week will have a strong rebound.

Last Week San Francisco 49 people team running guards in Frank Gore and the rookie Carlos Hyde coupled to the saints to win 117 chosurches and 2 times. Unless the big score by the Saints, Hill should have more than 20 touch opportunities.

Bernard won the 446 yards and 5 times this season, and the Hill 86 times won 404 yards 5 times. Obviously, Hill is slightly higher than Bernard in efficiency.