HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Programmable RGB Backlit, Blue Switches – Clicky, Wired 104 Keys Hot Swappable for Mac, PC, Silver+White

Price: $49.97
(as of May 27,2022 13:25:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Z88 mechanical keyboard blue switches whiteZ88 mechanical keyboard blue switches white

The HUO JI E-ELEMENT Z88 isn’t your average Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

We spend a lot of time developing a unique keyboard which perfectly blends two different usage scenarios – OFFICE WORK and GAMING.
If you’re a writer, you quickly will discover this keyboard is a superb typing tool for office work. You’ll love the feel and keystroke accuracy, which leads to fewer errors and typos.
If you’re a gamer, you take your choice of keyboard seriously. The Z88 Backlit mechanical keyboard becomes a natural extension of yourself during the most intense gaming sessions


Ergonomic Industrial Design

The Industrial Design of the E-Element Z88 Mechanical Keyboard is not just nice to look at, it also has great ergonomics. No matter how long you type or how intense your gaming marathons are, you are always comfortable.
he E-Element Z88 is over-engineered and built to last. The Aircraft-grade Aluminum / ABS casing design and the plate-mounted mechanical keys stand up to tough conditions.


Play Brilliantly with the Perfect Keystroke Design

Custom mechanical Outemu switches (Cherry Blue equivalent) designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Fast mechanical keys with medium resistance, precise actuation, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback. Plate mounted keys. This high quality build technique integrates a metal plate between the switches and the PCB. This process makes for a rigid and sturdy keyboard platform that is built to last.

rgb lightrgb light

Programmable full RGB backlighting

The E-Element Z88 104 keys comes with ​10-mode RGB Backlighting, Color-Flashing Speed and adjustable brightness. You can program all of the keys to be the same color/what color you want with no driver needed.  
FN+INS: 10 blacklight mode, make a beautiful sight on your desk.
Almost every setting/mode can be altered or configured in terms of brightness/pattern/speed of animation/color/etc. 
Double-shot injection molded keycaps offer crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering that doesn’t scratch off.

ergonomic design

ergonomic design

water resistant

water resistant

micro usb cable

micro usb cable

Non-Slip Ergonomic Design

The E-Element Z88 Mechanical Gaming keyboard comes with Non-Slip adjustable rear feet for the perfect typing angle and a gold-plated corrosion USB connector for a reliable connection.
The Keycaps and switches can be removed in case you need to clean the keyboard after long term use or simply want to switch out the key caps and switches to add a personal touch.

Water-Resistant Design

There are several drain holes in the back for spilled waterA
dded protection so accidental spills don’t mean game over

Detachable micro USB cable

1.8m bold USB cable with gold-plated USB connector is detachable and replaceable and has a nice three way channel to route the cable left, up, or right

❤ Anti-ghosting 104 Keys. N-key rollover ▶ Allowing multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed. Each key is controlled by independent switch, let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response
❤ Outemu DIY Blue Switches ▶ Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback. 50 million times keystroke test. Include 5 spare switches for replacement. Blue switch is clicky and audible
❤ Programable full RGB backlighting ▶ You can program all of the keys to be the same color/what color you want with no driver needed.10 RGB Backlighting mode with Fn+Ins. There is a solid color backlit mode. Double-shot keycaps for crystal clear backlighting and extreme durability
❤ Key Shortcuts and Ergonomic design ▶ Easy to access to calculator, email, web browser, volume, media etc with FN+F1-F12. Ergonomical design: the stepped keycap makes it sleek and thearc and slope fit your hands easily to prevent fatigue. Provides Windows Key lock for gaming
❤ Top Quality ▶ Metal and ABS construction, Gold plated USB connector Plate-mounted mechanical keys stand up to hardcore gaming.

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