I am a Free American… Right?: A Guide to Some of America’s Silliest (and Probably Unconstitutional) Laws (I Know My Rights)

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As an American, I love to flaunt my freedom; a badge of honor for the world to admire! I am free, as free as I can be! There’s nothing I can’t do! Except… Sometimes, I wonder if there’s something I don’t know… Sometimes, I wonder if there are things that I can’t do… As Americans, we take great pride in our liberty, believing that we are as free as we can be. But what if that wasn’t quite true? What if there are restrictions on some of the most innocent kinds of behavior? What if you couldn’t wear cowboy boots unless you actually owned a couple of cows? What if a particular hairstyle kept you from getting a raise? What if singing off key was prohibited? From the author of I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty comes a hilarious new guide to some of America’s silliest (and probably unconstitutional) laws! Volume One presents some of our country’s most absurd legislation. With every state and Washington DC being represented, everyone has the chance to discover how free they truly are. Your kids will giggle and laugh… you’ll laugh before questioning everything you ever believed about the rule of law!

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