Images That Influence Your Business: Apply Image Influence Principles To Your Brand, Grow Business: Brand Imagery Guidelines

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In today’s technologically driven age, building your online brand is essential to the success of your business. In fact, 72% of marketers agree that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient enough on its own. While traditional marketing still plays an integral role in brand strategy, digital branding is how businesses today will drive leads, increase conversions and grow revenue.

To begin your branding journey, you’ll want to start by producing more visual content. Why? Because the online space is dominated by pictures, infographics, and videos that are seeking to capture users’ attention.

Do you recall the image of the woman walking away from the world trade center remains, covered in dust?
• The images of children starving in Ethiopia?
• More recent times? How about the Tsunami in Japan, all the flotsam floating in the water, washing up on the shoreline?
• The firelit backdrop of the London riots?
• Hillary Clinton with her hand covering her mouth in the White House room when she heard Osama Bin Laden had been killed?
• The Afghan girl from the refugee camp with vivid green eyes?
Even though we’ve not posted those images here, the chances are you know the images that we are talking about. Images from the news, from magazines, and from other businesses stay in your mind.

This guide explores various sites to grow your influence with images, contains tutorials, and more importantly how businesses can use images. The authors, Sarah Arrow and Lilach Bullock also interview two businesses where images are important.

The takeaways from this Kindle guide are simple; go influence your niche with your images.

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