Kitsch Moisturizing Spa Socks, Moisturizing, for Heels & Feet

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REPLENISHES DRY SKIN: The insulated gel linings warm the skin, allowing treatments to effectively nourish and lock in moisture to relieve and replenish dry, cracked skin and protect against harsh conditions.
SOFT RESULTS: Designed to moisturize and soften skin, Kitsch Spa Socks will make your feet look fresh and feel soft to the touch. Add your favorite lotion or cream for a deep conditioning to treat yourself to softer, more supple skin.
FUNCTIONAL USE: The open-toed design on the Spa Socks provide breathable comfort while allowing you to perform pedicures.
PORTABLE SIZE: Easily pack your Kitsch Spa Socks in an overnight bag so you can enjoy the spa treatment on the go as well as at home. The packaging for each serves as a reusable pouch for easy storage and transport at all times.

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