Mindfulness Exercises for Kids: 75 Easy Relaxation Techniques To Help Your Child Feel Better

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In Mindfulness Exercises for Kids: 75 Easy Relaxation Techniques to Help Your Child Feel Better, parents and teachers will find a plethora of useful exercises meant to encourage children’s mental health. 

This book is a resource for anyone who spends time with kids and is invested in their success. Stability, awareness, positive self-esteem, and emotional growth may be achieved through mindfulness, especially when the individual learns these habits early.  

Scientific research has shown that kids exposed to meditation and mental health exercises are more emotionally intelligent than average. Through the activities inside of this book, children will learn to love and accept themselves while maintaining an affection for the world they occupy.

Have you been looking for more educational entertainment options for your little one? Wholesome activities await you and your child, just beyond the cover of this book: 

  • There are exercises in this book that suit everyone’s taste, from crafting to quiet meditation. Every activity imparts an important lesson and may be returned to again and again; there is no end to the utility and fun. 
  • Children learn to observe the world through their senses as they improve on concentration skills and awareness of their surroundings. 
  • Watch as your children learn to master all of the skills that will become valuable to them as they continue growing to meet the oncoming challenges of adolescence. 
  • The activities in this book are both educational and fun, allowing kids to manifest their brilliant imaginations. Creativity can be used to provide insight into the forming personalities of children. 
  • You will find a whole chapter of this book dedicated to fighting anxiety. Children learn to become confident in themselves and their abilities.

Discover now the benefits of mindfulness and start using it with your whole family – with Mindfulness Exercises for Kids!

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