New Horror Guidelines

Price: $9.74
(as of May 27,2022 12:54:10 UTC – Details)

If there was any genuinely effective way to prepare you for this record, it would be utilized right here, right now, in words of opportune praise and non-pretentious, relevant sign-posting. Of course, we are talking about Le Drop and their debut album, a record that has been seething and burning inside the heads of the men involved for a very long time, and the only way that you can understand the magnitude of this new sound document is to let it have you. As if the title alone isn’t enough to start lights blinking behind your eyes. ‘The New Horror Guidelines’ is one of the scariest records we here at Loveless have ever heard. Scary in that it’s ‘that damn good.’ We had expectations when tHe Drop hit Spectre Studios at the start of the year, but this blew us out of the water and the tidal wave is still raging at Loveless HQ. Go into ‘The New Horror Guidelines’ with no expectations except to be stunned, drained and resurrected, and this will record will become one of your closest friends. Immense.

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