Notable Buy Notable Work Gloves, for Men Women, Mechanics Handyman, Hand Safety, with Padded Palm & Knuckles, Touch Screen, Synthetic Leather (XL)

Price: $15.99
(as of Nov 28,2021 17:49:10 UTC – Details)

QUALITIES OF GOOD WORK GLOVES: These gloves have many qualities of good work gloves,
as noted below.

COMFORTING PADDED PALM: Shown in photo. Palm material includes synthetic leather.
Comforts palm by dampening the effects of vibration and jarring movements.

PROTECTIVE PADDED KNUCKLES: Shown in photo. The knuckles are bumpy and protruding,
and so are usually more vulnerable. Padding of the knuckles helps dampen undesirable impacts
on the knuckles.

SUPPORTIVE THUMB CROTCH PATCH: Shown in photo. Protects the area between thumb
& index finger.

BREATHABLE ELASTIC FABRIC: On the back of the hand. Shown in photo.

UPDATE: The square (or rectangular) stitches on the fingers were removed from the newer supply
of these gloves.

in donning and stability of the gloves after donning. Helps prevent the glove from slipping off,
even when wet due to sweating, weather conditions, outdoor wet conditions, etc.

SHRINK-RESISTANT: Does not decrease in size due to wetness.

WASHABLE: Washable by hand.

COLD WEATHER PROTECTION: Keep hands and fingers warm while working in light winter

UNISEX: For men and women.

ATTRACTIVE STYLING: Attractive and stylish looking.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 day money-back guarantee. You should try them. Chances are you
will like them. If not, you have 30 days from the date of receipt to return them for a refund. Order now.

SIZE GUIDE: Approximate guide according to the width of the hand. Measure the width of the
dominant hand just distal to the thumb base:

S: 8.0-8.5 cm
M: 8.5-9.0 cm
L: 9.0-9.5 cm
XL: 9.5-10.0
XXL: 10.0-10.5 cm

MANY USES & APPLICATIONS: Recently Introduced General Purpose Work Gloves. Mechanics works. Handyman’s works, including Automotive, Plumbing, Carpentry, Utility jobs, Assembly. Machine Repair. Framing. Farming and Ranching. Situations causing gloves to get wet.
COMFORTING PADDED PALM & PROTECTIVE PADDED KNUCKLES: Padded Palm: Dampens vibration. Padded Knuckles: Added protection.
SUPPORTIVE THUMB CROTCH PATCH: Provides additional support between thumb and index finger.
THREE TOUCH SCREEN FINGERTIPS: For the thumb, index finger and middle finger . Facilitates use of cell phone and other mobile devices.
ANTI-SLIP: Facilitates Grip.

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