OEMTOOLS 24945 Magnetic Glove Dispenser, Disposable Gloves Box Holder, Glove Holder for Wall Mount, Magnetic Glove Box Holder, Green Glove Dispenser Wall Mount

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FLEXIBLE STORAGE OPTION: Our affordable steel wall mount glove dispenser attaches to ferrous metallic surfaces in your shop or garage; Glove box holders’ self-adjustable spring sides hold most glove boxes; Rated to hold up to 8 pounds of weight
SPACE SAVER: Unclutter work surfaces with the magnetic plastic glove dispenser; Your gloves will be easily accessible wherever you need them; No more looking for the glove box on work surfaces during meal prep or before an oil change
STAND OUT GLOVE HOLDER: Our signature OEMTOOLS green easily highlights where your latex glove dispenser is; Identify your rubber glove dispenser on-sight in the busy automotive shop or cafeteria kitchen; Two screw holes included for stationary wall mounting
CREATIVE STORAGE TOOL: Our four magnetic pads mean you’re never limited where you store your metal glove box holder; Use it on ferrous surfaces in your truck, RV, or refrigerator door; Use as a medical glove box holder or tissue box holder

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