OPTASE Dry Eye Spray – Eye Spray for Dry Eyes – Preservative Free Artificial Tears Eye Drops Alternative – Dry Eye Eye Drops in Convenient Spray – Multi-Use, Contact Lens Safe – .58 fl oz, 300 Doses

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MOISTURIZE AND PROTECT: Made of glycerin and natural ingredients, OPTASE Eye Spray mixes with the natural oils needed to refresh your tears and hydrate your eyes for improved tear quality
PRESERVATIVE FREE: OPTASE Dry Eye Spray is the only product of its kind to provide a preservative free combination of ingredients designed to treat dry eye symptoms with a unique delivery system
ADVANCED BOTTLE TECHNOLOGY: Unlike clunky drops, simply spray on a closed eyelid from 6-10 inches away from any angle. And the 2 spray system maintains sterility over 6 months and 300 doses per bottle
COMPLETE DOCTOR RECOMMENDED EYE CARE RELIEF: OPTASE is the expert recommended 3-step regimen to help tackle the cause and symptoms of Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

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