Organic Guidelines For Farm And Country Living: Tips And Tactics, Anecdotes To Remember: How To Grow Organic Garden

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You’ve been trying to eat more organic foods, both to decrease the number of pesticides you and your family consume and to help protect the environment. But take one look at your grocery store receipt and you know that buying organic can get very expensive, very fast. Luckily, there’s a way to grow your own delicious, fresh produce while having fun and learning at the same time: organic gardening!

This book is a humorous yet serious guide to Organic Gardening and country living. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the organic gardening guidelines and country living anecdotes apply to any part of the country. Written by an author who uses several farm animals, especially the talking geese to help tell the stories of life in the country while providing the reader with a wealth of information on the crafts and skills of gardening, with emphasis on organic gardening.
The reader will find answers to dozens of questions about this exploding “green” hobby, from how to make compost, to making manure tea to herbal tea.
The talking geese will help the reader understand how best to deal with pests such as blackberry vines, slugs, moles, and even the next-door neighbor’s dogs.

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