Polyester Cotton String Knit Safety Protection Work Gloves Liner Gloves for Painter Warehouse Gardening Men & Women

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Who doesn’t want comfortable, durable, and reusable gloves that are machine washable? POLYESTER COTTON STRING GLOVES are the perfect solution for you! The gloves are made with high-quality cotton polyester yarns for perspiration free work for a liner in your favorite pair of gloves during those cold, windy days or alone
These gloves are designed to be used for any task, from gardening, painting, and woodworking to industrial and industrial work. These durable cotton string gloves will keep your hands safe and comfortable even during the longest project.
Our cotton string knit gloves are perfect for just about any chore. Crafted from a stretchy cotton and wool blend, you’ll find that these versatile gloves provide the protection you need for your hands while staying cool and comfortable. With a ribbed cuff and hem, they’re also designed to keep dirt and grime from getting inside the glove
The perfect gloves for when you need to get your hands dirty. From gardening, to cleaning, or just general household chores, our all-purpose Cotton String Gloves are here for you. Protect your hands from dirt and grime while still being able to feel what you’re doing. With 24 pairs, we know you can find a use for all of them.

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