Robolink CoDrone Mini – Programmable and Educational Drone Kit

Price: $99.99 - $89.99
(as of Jun 25,2022 14:24:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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This is the CoDrone Mini. It’s a smaller drone at a much more affordable cost. With its smaller propellers, the ability to flip, a rounded frame, lighter form factor, this drone is suitable for younger audiences who are interested in getting into programming with drones. It’s also a great starter drone.

CoDrone Mini is for younger audiences who want to learn foundational concepts behind coding. You can either fly it around with the included remote, or learn to program it using Blockly. Using our Blockly for CoDrone block coding environment, you can program custom flight patterns, learn about how remotes work, and learn about flight commands.


Robolink CoDrone Mini includes:

Free online tutorials
Recommended for Ages 8 and up
CoDrone Mini
CoDrone Mini remote


What Makes Our Products Special?

We are the first educational drone. No other drone in the market directly addresses the need for STEM education with as much breadth or depth, while still remaining accessible and fun for children. Our products have been tested by our own engineers in various classroom settings with our very own students. The learning material is free and easily accessible online, taught by our own instructors.


About RoboLink

Robolink was established in 2012 in San Diego, California to encourage students to engage with STEM. We make fun and approachable robotics kits that bring computer science to life and teach real industry competency. They’re also at the cutting edge of technology! We were the first to make a programmable educational drone as well as a self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence.

Our Mission? Make STEM education accessible, engaging, and fun for all. We teach programming and artificial intelligence through our robots, work with teachers all over the world, and ship kits to (almost) all seven continents.


Programming languages

Python, Blockly

Python, Blockly

Python, Blockly, Arduino

Battery life

5 min

8 min

8 min

Charing life

40 min

40 min

40 min

Educational: The CoDrone Mini is a fun, educational and programmable drone that introduces younger audiences to the basics of coding and robotics. We provide all the necessary tools, tutorials and resources to help get you started and to encourage learning along the way.
Intro to Drones: CoDrone Mini is a mini drone that’s the smaller cousin of the the Pro/Lite. It’s programmable in Blockly, which you can use to make the drone fly in patterns, control the lights, and even do flips. It’s an awesome way to get introduced to basic coding concepts, then see your code take flight.
Cost-Efficient: We understand that robotics can be expensive and seem high-risk due to their fragility. With our CoDrone Mini, we offer a safe and durable option at an affordable price-point.
Compatibility: The CoDrone Mini is a fantastic starter drone and operates well with Blockly and Python programming. It also functions in Mac, PC and Chromebook, making it incredibly versatile to any and all who want to explore the basics of drones and coding.
Free online tutorials, 5 min of flying time, 40 min of charing time

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