Shoulder Arm Pulley System Set – Over Door Rehab Exerciser for Home Physical Therapy Frozen Rotator Cuff Recovery and Stretching Strengthener Range of Motion (B)

Price: $36.88
(as of Jun 25,2022 14:33:11 UTC – Details)

This shoulder pulley exerciser train your upper limbs in all directions which can provide with appropriate intensity exercise to accelerate the recovery of mobility, great for rehabilitation training of upper limbs hemiplegic gradual freezing, and people with arthritis, tendonitis, periarthritis, rotator cuff injury, bursitis, or other impact problems.
It can also be used for elderly fitness equipment and daily shoulder & back stretching exercises for office workers.

How to use:
Use your strongerer arm slowly pull handle down while the arm of the impaired limb is passively lifted up from the side.
Unless directed by your doctor, do not raise your elbows over your shoulders to avoid pinching soft tissue in your shoulder socket.

1. Please always keep your palm facing you.
2. For rehabilitation purposes, please consult your doctor before performing exercises.
3. Perform exercises slowly and into pain free movements.

Fast and easy to ease the physical treatment of the upper limb, It is suitable for gently pulling your arms, shoulders, and cervical spine problems to relieve muscle stiffness. Makes physical therapy and exercising easy, either at home or at the office.
High quality plastic large-diameter pulley bearings with perfect load bearing capacity, use smooth and silent. The pulley can rotate 360 degrees.
Easy install, included nylon web strap makes it easy to attach the pulley system over the top of any closed door which can turn any door into your home gym without any damage to the door.
Incease range of motion after surge-ry, or for arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, capsulitis, or bursitis for elderly or stroke hemiplegia patients.
Included non-slip glove protect your hand, make sure keep palm facing you when you use.

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