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– Tom Brady: Eli – Manning’s very unfortunate encounter
Like many people, – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) but also for the New York Giants quarterback Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) regrets what happened.

In an interview, Brady praised Manning’s career and that his experience was “unfortunate.”

“I respect him and his career achievements only respect,” Brady said. “Obviously, the Super Bowl defeat in two games as Eli – Manning party opponent, I told him of reliable performance, stability and tenacity will play a very respectable You know it really satisfy your every cheap nfl jerseys player on a. kind request, I think Eli has been providing all this for his team. so I think this is a very unfortunate situation. ”

New York Giants announced Tuesday that in order to backup quarterback Gino – Smith (Geno Smith) and wholesale jerseys Davis – Weber (Davis Webb) playing time, Manning will be the bench. The decision shocked many people.

And Brady also began to challenge the elite players with their long-term effectiveness of the team began to alienate facing provided their views.

“I think there has been such a situation,” Brady said. “I think I grew up as a fan I saw Joe – Montana (Joe Montana) put on another team jersey, and later saw Jerry – Rice (Jerry Rice) or Ronnie – Lott (Ronnie Lott) suffered the same fate, which I really admired players, not the perfect ending in many sports, so you know the reality. ”

“You always wanted everything can be like a fairy tale but does not actually – Michael Jordan, who last played for the Washington Wizards to believe that such a thing will happen this is professional sports.?.”

Brady looks may think Manning will not have a fairy tale ending at the Giants. Whether Manning will continue to effect the Giants will still switch to his team remains to be seen.