The Basis of Brain Rehab

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The brain is the body’s most important and complex organ. It adapts to, reacts to, or causes everything humans experience in life. In addition, researchhas shown that the brain-body connection affects overall health in countless ways, including the way people think, feel, act, and react. However, mostpeople know very little about the brain, the central nervous system, the body’s other systems, and how they all interrelate, or how to improve brain functioning without the use of medication or surgery.In this book, Dr. Hatch uses consumer-oriented terms and language to explain brain functioning, the brain-body connection, and the various bodysystems that impact physical and emotional health. He also describes how disconnects in the brain can lead to a host of health issues, including mental disorders, digestive problems, learning disabilities, problems with balance, nervous system issues, and so forth.The book concludes with understandable explanations about the way neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change) and brain rehabilitation can lead to long-lasting improvements in brain functioning, overall health, and emotional wellbeing.

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