Trick for a Treat: A Paranormal Reverse Harem of Scarem Romance (Haunted House Rehab Book 3)

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T’was a Dark & Twisted night when my hunky trio whisked me away to a cottage in the woods. Like something out of a fairy tale, I discovered werewolves exist. So now I’m channeling my inner, red-hooded wolf-slayer.

There’s nothing I love more than hot men, hot fires, and hot apple cider, but this Halloween, I’m also in hot water. With the Monster Mansion’s grand opening out of the way and the Ghost Hunter’s renovation basically complete, the plan to hit up a haunted hayride and take in some fresh autumn air while renovating Blackmoor Estate is sidelined when Ana appears and blows up my life.

Thankfully we find asylum within the mahogany paneled walls of Verne Helsing’s home. And while I attempt to rip the rot from my brain, the boys rip apart the manor. Not surprisingly, Georgio’s family has its own ghost and she’s already knocking. So instead of just dealing with leaky faucets and a roof, we’re chasing down a legendary wolf?

No sooner is the first victim slashed than the Coven Café owner, Bess Marven confesses she’s responsible. Apparently, while attempting to summon the spirit of her dead mother, she accidently summoned the spirit of Wolfeboro’s infamous serial killer.

I want to help Drake investigate but I can’t be the lovable girl detective right now. I need to deal with the ghosts of my own past before moving on to others. Another psychiatrist, another brain-picking session, not what I was hoping for, but this doctor seems different. I haven’t been strapped to a bed yet. At least not by her and certainly not against my will.


My uncle accepted me when others wouldn’t. A sweet old man best described as eccentric. So, when he claims, the werewolf has returned to take his revenge, I chalk it up to old age and a bad fall. Turns out, my uncle wasn’t always a sweet old man, and he may have created an enemy or two. Now in order to keep Nancie safe, I have to set things right, and if that fails, we chase down the area’s notorious killer. Will we be treated to a howling good Halloween or is this all a trick?


Everyone knows about Annelle which means I can finally relax. Nope. It seems there’s one more twist to Nancie’s story. I’m hoping not even the Wolfman can keep up!


Growing up, I always thought the tale of the Wolfman was just a silly ghost story. But the slashed-up visitor has me reconsidering. And I’m not the only one. Rumors of the Wolfman prowl the streets once again, stalking the night and the ears of the locals.

Trick or Treat is a full-length, medium-burn, paranormal reverse harem romance filled with spooky autumn vibes and cemetery crime. So, if you like your psychological suspense with a side of cozy, kooky holiday romance and tongue-in-cheek laughter then you’re in for a Halloween treat. HEA Guaranteed

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