WOW! PODS Millennium Falcon Heliball, Multi

Price: $29.99
(as of Oct 25,2021 06:24:02 UTC – Details)

Use the power of the Force to control this miniature Millennium Falcon flying toy with simulated laser cannons! Mode 1, Force Control, activates the Heliball’s patented Auto Hover system allowing you to control height and speed. Mode 2, Remote Handset, gives you full manual control using the trigger system for height and speed, plus Laser cannon sound effects. Official Star Wars licensed flying toy from Wow! Stuff. Contents etc: Includes full instructions for use USB cable charger included Charges in under 30 minutes for 5-6 minutes flight time Assembled dimensions of Millenium Falcon Heliball: 15L x 5W x 12H cm (propellers expanded) Batteries required: 3 x AAA for Handset (not included) 1 x Li-Poly for Heliball (included)

FLY LIKE HAN SOLO AND CHEWBACCA: You control the speed and height!
MILLENNIUM FALCON with Hyperdrive lights and sounds activated by Force Control
FORCE CONTROL: control the Force to control the Falcon! Using Heliball patented motion sensing technology you can control the speed and height of the Falcon.
REMOTE CONTROL OR FORCE CONTROL: Use the handset included or flying using the power of the Force! Heliball Auto Hover system allows you to control the Falcon with your hands or any solid object beneath.
OFFICIAL STAR WARS TOYS for indoor use only authorised and licensed by Disney. The Millennium Falcon features in Star Wars 2019 the final episode in the Star Wars saga entitled Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
STAR WARS EPISODE IV A New Hope, is when the Falcon first appeared, then Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Episode VI Return of the Jedi, Episode III Revenge of The Sith, Episode VIII The Force Awakens, Episode VIII The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story and various spin offs.

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